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Your Heart and Lungs Get Stronger with Cardio at Home

, – Cardio exercise and exercise are types of exercise that are believed to maintain health and make the heart and lungs stronger. The reason is, this type of exercise that can pump the heart and drain sweat has benefits that should not be underestimated. Routine cardio exercise, especially swimming, can train the body to use oxygen efficiently.

In addition, the benefits of other cardio exercises can also have a good impact on the respiratory system. When doing cardio exercise, your breath will become faster and deeper, which will make your respiratory system work harder. Well, that’s when there is “training” which makes the blood vessels wider and can carry more oxygen. As a result, blood circulation that occurs in the body becomes better.

The good news, despite the myriad of benefits that can be obtained, doing cardio training is relatively easy. In fact, it can be done at home and doesn’t cost much. So, how do you make cardio for your heart and lungs stronger?

The first thing to do before doing cardio exercise is to choose the type of exercise that suits your abilities. For those of you who don’t like running , there are other types of cardio exercise that can be an option, for example cycling, swimming, and even going up and down stairs. Of course, in order for the body to get the most from this exercise, make sure to always warm up before exercising, and don’t forget to cool down after cardio training.

Well, you can choose several types of cardio exercises that suit your interests and abilities. Of course this type of exercise is quite simple and can be done at home. Anything?

1. Go up and down the stairs

Who would have thought, doing the movement up and down stairs can actually provide tremendous benefits for the body. If done correctly, this type of exercise can actually provide healthy cardiovascular benefits. Going up and down stairs can also help strengthen your lower body muscles.

You can do this movement at home, office, or in places that have stairs. Going up and down stairs can be a great way to strengthen your heart and lungs. Try fast climbing or sideways jumping during a ladder-assisted exercise.

2. Jump

This cardio exercise can also be done at home, even anywhere. To get the maximum benefits of cardio exercise, you can use tools in the form of a rope, aka skipping, to jump. In addition, try to do a variety of jumping movements to give your body a challenge.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a type of sport that involves the whole body and has tremendous benefits. Swimming can also be used as a more efficient breathing exercise to optimize lung capacity. Water sports can also increase muscle strength and flexibility, thereby increasing bone density.

You can also do variations in swimming, for example jumping or jogging in the water. In fact, this movement can help train the heart and lungs to stay healthy and strong.

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