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You don't need to be disgusted, here are 10 benefits of ant nests

, – Although it has many health benefits, traditional medicine using ant nests is still not well known by the Indonesian people. Ant nests have long been used by people in the interior of Papua to treat various diseases, both minor and serious. The use of ant nests as herbal medicine has become the secret of a very effective treatment and has been carried out for generations in the interior of Papua.

The ant nest in question is not a place for ants to live, but plants that grow on branches or tree trunks. The name of this plant comes from the Greek genus myrmecodia. This term, if interpreted to Indonesian, is ‘like an ant’ or ‘surrounded by ants’.

Benefits of Ants Nest for Health

1. Treating Heart Disease

This one organ is very susceptible to health problems, such as hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, and many others. However, with the high content of minerals, potassium and calcium in the ant nests, it is able to overcome various symptoms of heart disease.

2. Treating Cancer

This disease appears gradually. The advanced stages of cancer are usually caused by the growth of cancer cells that have spread. These cancer cells can be treated with traditional medicine containing ant nests. The cure is very effective and does not cause side effects.

3. Lumps in the Breast

As a woman, the appearance of lumps in intimate areas, such as breasts, can be daunting. Because generally, the lump in the form of this fluid is a symptom of a breast tumor or cancer. The content of flavonoids found in ant nests can overcome lumps in a fairly short time.

4. Overcoming Hemorrhoid

Although not deadly, this disease of the rectal area is very disturbing. Even in some people, this disease can trigger other diseases that are more dangerous. To fix this, you can also use ant nests as a treatment step.

5. Smooth menstruation

For a woman, the fertility of the reproductive organs can be seen from the fluency of menstruation. Well, in this case, the ant nest can help you overcome the problem of irregular menstruation. Not only that, the benefits of other ant nests for female reproductive organs are to help overcome excess vaginal discharge.

6. Treating Rheumatism

The flavonid content in ant nests can be a good xanthine inhibitor to treat rheumatism. In addition, the content of antioxidants and tocopherols found in ant nests is also good for treating rheumatism.

7. Increase Immunity

One way to maintain and increase the body’s immune system is to consume ant nest herbs.

8. As an antibiotic

Apart from being a fairly high source of antioxidants, ant nests are also useful as body antibiotics . Therefore, ant nests can be used to overcome various problems related to bacterial attack.

9. Increase Metabolism

Not only beneficial for the body’s intimate organs, but the ant nest is also able to increase the body’s metabolism properly and optimally.

10. Maintain Insulin Balance

In addition to the body’s immunity that you need to maintain properly, insulin levels in the body are also needed. It’s just that, to keep insulin levels in a normal position seems a little more difficult. For that, consuming ant nests can balance the body’s insulin.

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