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You can try, 5 sports for heart health

– The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body. The heart is getting stronger and healthier if the owner lives a healthy life. One of the ways is regular exercise. When a person exercises, the heart works optimally and pumps more blood throughout the body.

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If you do regular exercise, the benefits are burning calories, relieving stress , reducing bad LDL cholesterol, increasing good HDL cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, helping maintain healthy arteries and other blood vessels, running blood well, and maintaining ideal body weight. . Well, here are the types of exercise to support heart health:

1. Aerobics

Launching from Hopkins Medicine, aerobics improves circulation, so it can control blood pressure and heart rate more optimally. In addition, aerobics increases the efficiency of oxygen entry into body tissues. If you do this exercise regularly, you will get other benefits such as helping to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and increasing your breathing.

Some aerobic sports that can be done are walking, jogging, jumping rope, cycling (outdoor or static), and rowing. Do this exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.

2. Stretching ( Stretching )

This heart exercise is useful for stretching the muscles slowly. Stretching your arms and legs before exercise can help prepare your muscles for activity and help prevent injury and muscle tension , and increase range of motion if done after exercise.

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If you feel pain in the chest, the body feels weak, headache, and pain in the chest, neck, arm, jaw, or shoulder when exercising, immediately check the condition of the doctor through. You can also ask about what form of heart exercise is right for you, especially if you have heart disease. Through the application, you can contact a doctor anytime and anywhere. Practical, right?

3. Yoga

Yoga combines techniques namely stretching, breathing and relaxation. All of these techniques are good for the heart. Doing yoga regularly can help reduce stress levels which are a major risk factor for heart disease. In other words, yoga can lower the risk of heart disease.

4. Tai Chi

This one sport originated in ancient China which is based on a martial art that combines slow rhythmic body movements with deep breathing and concentration. If you regularly do tai chi, it helps maintain a healthy mind and body, as well as a healthy heart.

5. Zumba

Zumba is also believed to be a heart sport. If you do zumba regularly, you can burn 1,000 calories for an hour, as long as you do it right, which is moving to the beat of the music and making your heart pump faster.

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So, those are some types of exercise that can be done to support your heart health. The American Heart Association recommends that you exercise 150 minutes per week for light exercise or 75 minutes per week for vigorous exercise.

If you exercise for 30 minutes a day, five times a week, then this is good for improving overall heart health. Come on, exercise routine from now on!

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