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Wrong Diet Can Disrupt Sexual Life

, – Following the wrong diet can not only have an impact on the health condition of the body. One of the things that will be disturbed is sexual life, especially passion. Having a diet that is wrong or doesn’t fit your body can lead to a decrease in sex drive.

This happens because the wrong diet method can cause the body to lack nutrition and energy. Even in some cases, this can be a cause of decreased desire and mood . As a result, a person tends to be discouraged from doing anything.

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When undergoing a diet program, usually someone will cut the consumption of certain types of food. Well, if the diet method that is undertaken is not appropriate, it is not impossible that the body will be very deficient in energy and have an impact on the decline in the quality of intimate relationships with partners.

When you lack energy, your body becomes weak, weak, and dizzy more easily. Not only in women, this condition may also be experienced by men. Well, even though you are on a diet program, you still have to pay attention to the type of intake that enters the body.

Because, to increase sexual desire, in fact, you can do it by eating certain types of food. What foods are recommended for consumption so that your relationship and your partner become higher quality?


  • Avocado


Avocados have a unique way to increase sexual arousal, namely by keeping the heart healthier. Eating this type of fruit that is rich in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat has been shown to maintain heart and artery health.

Well, in this way, the heart will beat faster and help blood flow more smoothly. In addition, the fact that it should be known is that men who have heart disease are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction. So, maintaining heart health is tantamount to maintaining passion.


  • Strawberry


This red fruit is the best natural source of folic acid that the body needs. More than that, the content in strawberries can also help increase the number of sperm production in men.


  • Orange


Oranges are known as a fruit that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, and is very important for male reproductive health. This means that consuming lots of oranges can make men more prepared and will indirectly affect sexual arousal.


  • Almonds


Eating almonds is directly related to increasing one’s desire. Therefore, these foods act as sex stimulants that increase a person’s fertility level.

Almonds are a dense source of nutrients and rich in minerals that are essential for sexual and reproductive health. Including zinc , selenium , and vitamin E. Zinc content can actually help increase libido.


  • Seafood


Seafood aka seafood is also recommended to help increase sexual desire. One of the recommended seafood for consumption is oysters. These foods are classified as the type of intake that contains the most libido-enhancing zinc . Not only oysters, other seafood can also function as aphrodisiacs, such as salmon.

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