Worth a try! Shrink Belly by Cycling

Now, it’s not only running that is trending among Indonesians, but cycling has also become a lifestyle choice for some people. One example, you can see that currently many people prefer to ride bicycles to their places of activity such as the office in the morning or exercise bicycles in the Sudirman-Thamrin area on Sundays. Cycling can be a healthy substitute for running and is good for reducing the stomach. If you have a weight problem that is centered on a distended stomach, cycling can be an alternative that you can do.

There are some people who think that ways to shrink the stomach require intense physical exercise such as exercisesit-ups. Though in fact, thoughsit-upsuseful for building muscle in the stomach, howeversit-upsstill lacking for efforts to shrink the stomach.

Shrinking the stomach by cycling will not be difficult because cycling is a fun activity. Even though when cycling, the abdominal muscles don’t work as hard as the leg muscles, the pedaling produced when cycling can burn fat. Cycling which is done intensively at the same speed can also improve the working system of your heart to keep it stable and improve the circulatory system.

By cycling in only 30 minutes, you can burn approximately 300 calories. As a form of aerobic exercise, cycling involves repetitive movements of the large muscles in the lower body. When cycling, you use the biggest and strongest muscles you have, the glueteal muscles. By exercising large muscles not only can increase respiration and heart rate, but can also make the lungs work harder to collect more oxygen. In addition, the liver will also release more glycogen and free fatty acids as fuel for the muscles. This is what makes the process of burning belly fat faster.

However, the most effective way to reduce stomach size is to combine cycling exercise with a healthy diet. We recommend that before and after cycling, you should drink enough water so that the body does not lack fluids. You also need to make sure to eat foods that contain low-fat protein to help increase muscle mass.

If your bicycle exercise lasts more than an hour, you should bring a sports drink that can replenish electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate, and carbohydrates that are lost during cycling exercise.

So that your efforts in reducing the stomach can be maximized, besides following the suggestions above, don’t hesitate to contact and ask for advice from doctors who are using the choice of communication, voice call, andvideo callregarding the condition of your body. You can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.Downloadthe app is now on the App Store and Google Play.

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