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When is the Right Time to Teach Children to Play Bicycles

, – Seeing older children playing bicycles, will your little one be interested and want to play? Bicycles are indeed one of the toys that are not only interesting, but can also provide many benefits for children, you know. But before buying a bicycle, first know when is the right time to teach children to play bicycles.

In addition to being fun, pedaling a wheeled bicycle is also beneficial for children’s growth and development, just like running, swimming, or playing football. There are various abilities of children that can be improved through cycling, starting from practicing balance, concentration skills, motor skills and motor sensors that will be stimulated.

However, teaching your little one to ride a bicycle needs to be done gradually. Mothers can start introducing four-wheeled bicycles when the child is one year old. When your little one is 2-3 years old, then mom can try to teach him to pedal a bicycle slowly. At the age of 4-5 years, your little one already has good limb coordination, body balance, and leg strength, so that the mother can reduce one wheel of assistance on the bicycle and train it regularly so that the little one gets better at cycling. Here are the tips to teach children to bike:

1. Make Children Interested in Playing Bicycles

If your little one is not yet interested in playing bicycles, mothers can provoke their interest by inviting children to ride bikes together using special chairs that can be installed in the front. You can also invite your little one to see older siblings and other friends who are cycling in the park. If your little one is already interested in playing bicycles, it will be easier for mothers to teach them, because they will naturally want to learn to ride.

2. Select the Suitable Bike Type

Now, mothers can find a variety of bicycles for children that are sold in the market. Even bicycle manufacturers are competing to design bikes that are “friendly” to children, so they are safe to ride. So, choose a quality bicycle, so that mothers can easily teach children to ride without worrying about children getting injured. The following types of bicycles are according to the child’s age:

  • Four Wheel Bike

Usually this type of bicycle is the first time it is introduced to children. You can give a four-wheeled bicycle when your little one is two years old. He can start learning to ride a bicycle and feel the pleasure of playing a bicycle.

  • Tricycle

As children get older, their physical abilities will be even more stable. Therefore, mothers can start reducing the assist wheels on the bicycle, to only three wheels when the little one is 3 years old. Thus, your little one can also start learning to balance a bicycle when he bikes straight forward, to the right, and to the left.

  • Two Wheel Bicycle

Signs that the child is ready to pedal a two-wheeled bicycle include being able to turn the bicycle well, being able to brake on time, and being able to steer the bicycle steadily towards the front. It is best if a new child is allowed to ride a two-wheeled bicycle when he is 5-6 years old. But you need to know, not all children have the same physical abilities and are ready to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. So, adjust it to the child’s condition.

3. Watch from Behind

Although four and three-wheeled bicycles are safe to ride and will not cause the child to fall, mothers still need to supervise their children while they are playing bicycles. Especially when teaching children to ride two-wheeled bicycles. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, place the child’s body in a steady position and in the middle of the bicycle seat.
  • When you want to run a bicycle, teach your little one to step on the pedal with one foot, while the other foot is still tread on the ground first.
  • Then, also teach how to use the brakes.
  • While still holding the bicycle bench, let your little one start riding his bicycle for 3-5 times.
  • After that, the mother can start removing the bicycle seat and let the child ride alone.

4. Give Children Praise and Motivation

Just like teaching children other things, giving words of motivation and praise are also needed when mothers train children to play bicycles. When a child falls, for example, give encouraging words so that he doesn’t give up and want to try again. By giving positive words, children will not give up easily and are eager to keep trying until they are smooth cycling.

Teaching children to ride bicycles can also be an activity to strengthen the relationship between parents and children, you know ( Tricks to Use Weekend for Me Time with Your Little One ). If your little one gets hurt while learning to ride a bike, there’s no need to panic. Mothers can buy the necessary health products through the application . You don’t need to bother, just order through the Pharmacies Delivery feature and the order will be delivered within an hour. Come on, download it now on the App Store and Google Play.