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Water Diet, How Do You Do It?

, – Many people do various ways to get the ideal weight and body shape. The way that is most often tested is of course exercise and doing certain types of diets to reduce body weight.

Well, about this diet, generally most people reduce their food portions or calorie intake. However, what about those who really only consume water? Have you ever heard of a water diet or water fasting ?

Those who apply the water diet are only allowed to consume water, without any food intake. How long must you be hungry? Generally this diet is carried out for 24-72 hours. So, how do you do a water diet?

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Take Time to Prepare Your Body

In fact, there are no scientific guidelines on how to start or go on a water diet. However, things that need to be emphasized, water fasting cannot be done for everyone.

This water fasting is prohibited for those with certain medical conditions, such as people with diabetes, pregnant women, or people with eating disorders.

Well, how to do a water diet can be started by taking 3-4 days to prepare the body. The goal is that the body does not lack essential nutrients and nutrients. Try to eat small portions at each meal, or you can fast for a few days.

Generally, the water diet is carried out for 24-72 hours. Most people who undergo water fasting drink two to three liters of water per day. Remember, don’t do a water diet for more than three days without being supervised by a doctor or health professional.

In addition, those who undergo water fasting may feel weak or dizzy. Therefore, those on a water diet are advised to avoid driving or operating machinery.

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Post Water Fasting Phase

After you finish water fasting for one to three days, resist the urge to eat large portions. The reason is, consuming large portions of food after doing water fasting can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Instead, iftar with small portions such as smoothies or small meals. If the stomach or body starts to feel comfortable, then the intake of food will be bigger.

The post water fasting phase is very important, especially after doing it for a long time. The reason is, you could experience refeeding syndrome which is potentially fatal. Refeeding syndrome occurs when the fluid and electrolyte levels in the body change very rapidly.

This post water fasting phase usually lasts a day. However, people who fast for three or more days may need a longer one. It usually takes them up to three days before they feel comfortable eating larger meals.

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How, interested in trying the water diet? Things that need to be emphasized, although it has various benefits, the water diet should not be done carelessly. For those of you who want to go on this diet, it is advisable to have a discussion with your doctor first. The goal is that the water diet runs safely, without endangering the health of the body.

You can ask the doctor directly through the application about how to do a water diet, and what things need to be considered . No need to leave the house, you can contact a specialist anytime and anywhere. Practical, right?

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