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Watch out, this is a sign of emotional violence in relationships

, – Actually, there is no guarantee that your relationship and your partner will always run smoothly forever. Because, there are times when problems come uninvited and make things worse. For example, a partner who suddenly becomes emotionally abusive.

Hmmm, in fact, emotional loyalty is one of the factors that can determine the lasting of the relationship that you and your partner have. So, the question is, what are the signs of emotional abuse in relationships?

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1. Couples Control Our Lives

The first sign of emotional abuse can be seen in the way it begins to control our lives. Now, for those of you who have a partner like this, it feels like you have to be anxious, because it can be a sign of emotional abuse.

For example, they adjust the way they dress up to their partner’s monthly expenses. In addition, the perpetrators can also often dictate where the victim can and cannot go.

In fact, in more severe cases, it is not uncommon for the perpetrator to not allow a lover to befriend the opposite sex. You have to know, this is not a form of attention, but a form of control that is no longer logical.

2. Questioning the Level of Consciousness

Does your partner often ask about your level of sanity? For example, asking “Are you crazy?” Another example, your partner also often blames you for every little mistake. The goal is to make you feel guilty and apologize more.

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3. Throw out harsh sentences

This one sign of emotional abuse is unquestionable. A major factor in this emotional abuse is making your partner feel “dwarfed” and ashamed. The perpetrators never hit or commit physical violence, but they make their partner feel like “trash”. For example, saying harsh sentences, to hurt your partner’s feelings.

For example, “If you don’t do it, I’ll leave you”. Not only that, sometimes emotional abusers may say that no one else will love, accept, and want a victim other than the perpetrator.

4. Always Feeling Suspicious

Always feeling suspicious is also a sign of emotional abuse that needs to be watched out for. This one often irritates emotional abuse victims. The culprit. always feel distrustful and suspicious of their partner. To make matters worse, the perpetrator thought that everything the victim did was meant to hurt him. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to accuse their victims of flirting with other men or women.

5. Always Counter Our Opinions

Basically, we don’t always have to agree on something with our partner. However, if your partner always shows a counter attitude in any case to you, be careful. Especially if he always dominates the conversation and only defends his opinion.

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Also, the emotional abuser who commits this act usually does not show interest in your opinion or that of others. So, are you sure you still want to maintain a relationship with a partner who has abused you emotionally?

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