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Watch out, these 7 signs indicate abnormal sperm

– The problem of infertility often makes men who want to have children feel restless. Infertility here is of course related to sperm. Remember, men need healthy and quality sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg.

Now, when a man experiences abnormal sperm problems, doctors usually recommend doing a sperm examination. The examination procedure is performed to analyze the quantity and quality of the sperm. In short, this examination is used to determine the level of male fertility.

Characteristics of Healthy semen

Sperm are cells produced by the male reproductive organs. It contains enzymes that function to soften the egg cell walls, so that sperm can enter the egg during the fertilization process. However, abnormal sperm will find it difficult to reach and penetrate the egg. Well, this is what hampers the conception process.

When there is a problem with sperm, the doctor will usually recommend doing a sperm test. This examination generally analyzes several things. Starting from the sperm count, structure or shape, movement, acidity (pH), volume, color, and thickness of semen.

Then, what are the signs of abnormal sperm?

Characteristics of Abnormal Sperm

Abnormal sperm cannot be characterized by “dilution” as many lay people say. Sperm test results are said to be abnormal if:

  1. When the shape is examined, there are abnormalities in the head, middle, or tail of the sperm.

  2. The sperm count is less than 20 million per milliliter.

  3. Does not thaw within 15-30 minutes.

  4. Red or brown colors can indicate blood content. While the yellow color, can indicate the risk of jaundice or drug side effects.

  5. About less than 50 percent of sperm do not move normally one hour after ejaculation. The sperm movement scale is 0, meaning the sperm is not moving.

  6. Sperm volume is less than 1.5 milliliters, this condition indicates low sperm. Meanwhile, if it is more than 5 milliliters, it indicates that the sperm is too watery.

  7. An acidity level (pH) <7 indicates that the sperm sample has been contaminated or the ejaculatory duct is blocked. Meanwhile, pH> 8, indicating the patient has a risk of infection.

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Efforts to Produce Quality Sperm

When the sperm test shows abnormalities, the doctor will usually recommend several steps to increase healthy sperm, for example:

  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can increase antioxidant levels, which function to protect sperm.

  • Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Sexually transmitted STIs can affect a man’s fertility. Examples of STIs, chlamydia and gonorrhea. Therefore, do safe sexual activity.

  • Managing Stress Well. Stress does not only have an impact on the physical, because this psychological problem can also reduce sexual function. In fact, it can interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm.

  • Maintain Ideal Body Weight. A high body mass index is often associated with decreased sperm count and movement.

Is it true that pregnancy is determined by the amount of sperm?

Normal Test Results

After performing a sperm test, usually the results of this examination can be received within a period of 24 hours to one week. Certainly, this examination will show normal or abnormal results. Well, the sperm test results can be said to be normal if:

  • Volume: 1.5–5 milliliters.

  • Thaw time for 15-30 minutes.

  • Acidity (pH): 7.2–7.8.

  • The amount is around 20 million to more than 200 million per milliliter.

  • At least 30 or 50 percent of sperm should be normal.

  • Sperm movement:> 50 percent of sperm move normally 1 hour after ejaculation and the sperm movement scale is 3 or 4.

  • The color is white to grayish.

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