Watch for signs of reproductive problems

– Just like other parts of the body, the reproductive system also has an important role for the body, two of which are the disposal of substances that are no longer needed by the body and sexual activity. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to the health condition of the reproductive system so that its tasks can run optimally.

This is because reproductive problems often go unnoticed. Also, if it appears, the condition is usually more serious. So, you have to know what are the signs of reproductive problems that can be considered, so you can get treatment immediately.

Signs of Reproductive Problems in Women

The most basic difference between the male and female reproductive systems is the menstrual cycle. Well, some signs of reproductive problems in women, namely:

  • Pain during Menstruation

This problem often occurs in women. It is true, most women experience pain during menstruation, stomach cramps, back pain, and many other discomforts. However, be vigilant if your pain doesn’t go away, because it could indicate a medical problem, such as endometriosis , cervical stenosis, or inflammation of the pelvis.

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  • Pain when urinating

Apart from menstrual pain, some women also experience pain when urinating. This condition can be a sign of urinary tract infections, vaginitis, ovarian cysts, and even sexually transmitted infections. If you experience it, have your condition checked immediately to the nearest hospital or ask a specialist directly . Use the application to make it easier for you to ask and answer questions with a doctor or go to the hospital .

  • Stomach ache

Abdominal pain can indicate many medical conditions, such as disorders of the digestive system or problems with the uterus in women. Pain in the stomach, especially the lower abdomen, can indicate problems ranging from ectopic pregnancy, myoma or fibroids, to dysmenorrhea or excessive menstrual pain.

This is the reason why the genital area must be cleaned after urinating

Signs of Reproductive Problems in Men

Women are more prone to reproductive disorders. However, that does not mean that men do not have the same risk. Here are some signs of reproductive problems that are common in men:

  • Increased Testicle Size

Enlarged testicles in men can occur due to various conditions, such as fluid accumulation, abnormal tissue growth, or swelling. Sometimes, enlarged testicles are also accompanied by pain. Medical conditions that show symptoms of testicular enlargement, such as hydrocele, epididymitis , varicocele, to testicular cancer.

  • Pain when urinating

Just like women, men can also experience pain when urinating. Medical indications are not much different, such as urinary tract infections or signs of sexually transmitted infections. However, in men, pain when urinating can also be a sign of prostatitis, which is inflammation that occurs in the prostate gland, resulting in excess pressure on the urethra.

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  • Back Pain or Pain

Not only because of muscle stretching, back pain can also be a sign of reproductive problems. In men, this condition indicates a medical indication in the form of an enlarged prostate that occurs for many reasons, such as bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, or certain medical conditions, such as cholesterol or diabetes .

Those were some signs of reproductive problems in men or women. Remember, always take care of your body, yes! If indeed you feel you have a complaint, do not delay to get treatment immediately.

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