Vanessa Angel Has Big Calves, Is It Really Because of Cycling?

, – After reaping a lot of news some time ago, the movements of Vanessa Angel always seem to be highlighted by netizens . Recently, the girl born in 1991 received comments from several netizens about the size of her calf which is considered large. Because several times Vanessa was seen appearing on a folding bicycle, many also suspected that Vanessa’s calf size was large due to frequent cycling. However, is that true?

Many people may think that frequent cycling can cause enlarged calves. That is what ultimately makes many people (especially women) avoid this sport, because they are afraid that the size of their calves will become large. When in fact, light cycling will not make your calves grow, as previously thought, you know.

If cycling is done in a relaxed manner and is done on a flat ground, cycling is one of the sports options that can bring benefits to the body, and will not make the calves big. This exercise does make the calves firmer, but they will not become excessively large.

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Things That Make Your Calves Big

Big calves are a scourge for almost every woman. Because, this will greatly interfere with appearance, when you want to wear a mini skirt, dress, or clothing that shows the shape of the calf. This fear of increasing calf size makes women tend to avoid various sports that are thought to make their calves big and muscular, such as cycling or running.

In fact, any exercise that is done properly and according to your needs will create healthy and ideal body proportions. Including cycling. Therefore, if you think that cycling can make your calves bigger, you are wrong. Cycling can actually make the calves tight and in accordance with body proportions.

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So, what are the things that can cause the calf size to become large? The following include:

1. Wrong Diet and Diet

You certainly don’t think that the wrong diet and diet can cause big calves, right? This occurs when the remaining fat that has accumulated in the calves cannot be burned and processed into energy. Therefore, you need to adjust your diet and choose the right diet method, so that the body does not accumulate more fat.

To find out what diet method is right for you, you can discuss with a nutritionist on the application . Easy, really. Discussions can be done anytime and anywhere, via Chat or Voice / Video Call. So, make sure you have downloaded the application on your cellphone.

2. The habit of wearing shoes or sandals with high heels

Shoes or sandals with high heels can be said to complement your appearance. Even though it makes it sore, most women are willing to wear it in order to look beautiful and level. If it is used for some time it may not be a problem, but if you use it too often and for a long time, it can make the calves become bigger because the calves will become tense, to maintain body balance.

Tips for Overcoming Large Calves

For those of you who are less confident about the calf size that is too big, there are a few tips you can try to reduce your calf, namely:

1. Change the Way of the Way

The habit of walking can be one that makes your calves big. A good way to walk is to rest perfectly on the heel, by making sure the heel is flat on the ground before stepping. The habit of walking in a hurry can also make the calves enlarged, because the heel is not fully supported.

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2. Reduce Fatty Eating

Fatty foods are high in saturated fat. Saturated fat usually accumulates a lot in body tissues, including calves. So if you want to shrink your calves, reduce your consumption of fatty foods.

3. Do Light Exercise at Home

There are several types of exercises that can be done at home that can help you shrink your calves, namely:

  • Squat . Open your feet shoulder width apart, hold your stance in front of your chest, bend your knees while slowly tiptoeing, hold 2–3 seconds, repeat several times.
  • Tiptoe Exercises . To do this, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, then tiptoe your feet on all toes, hold for 1–2 seconds and repeat up to 20 times.
  • Jump Rope . The way to do this is, stand up straight, spread your legs shoulder width apart, stretch the two straps keeping your elbows close to your body, then start to jump.


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