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Uric Acid Friendly Diet, Take A Look at These 4 Food Menu

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes pain, pressure, red rash, and inflammation. Diet or diet changes help manage symptoms and prevent spread. People with uric acid have high levels of uric acid in their blood.

Managing uric acid levels helps relieve or prevent symptoms. Some foods can lower uric acid levels, while others increase the levels. There is a link between diet and gout, including what foods to eat and avoid.

Is Uric Acid Really Cured?

Safe Food Menu for People with Gout

Although a uric acid-friendly diet will reduce many of your favorite foods, there are still many low-purine foods that you can enjoy. Foods that are considered low in purines if they contain less than 100 mg of purine per 3.5 ounces (100 grams). This is what you might be able to eat everyday while on a gout-friendly diet.


  • Unsweetened whole grain cereal with skim or low-fat milk.
  • 1 Cup of fresh strawberries.
  • Coffee.
  • Water.


  • Grilled chicken breast slices (2 ounces) with whole wheat bread and mustard.
  • Mix green salad with vegetables, 1 tablespoon of nuts, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.
  • Skim milk or low fat milk.

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 Cup of fresh cherries.
  • Water.


  • Broiled salmon (3 to 4 ounces).
  • Roasted or steamed green beans.
  • ½ to 1 cup whole wheat pasta with olive oil and pepper.
  • Water.
  • 1 cup fresh melon.
  • Caffeine-free drinks, such as herbal teas.

Following a gout-friendly diet can help limit uric acid production and increase its elimination. A gout diet is unlikely to decrease the concentration of uric acid in the blood, and is sufficient to treat gout without medication. However, this helps reduce symptoms and limit their severity.

Make Joint Pain, Here Are Tips on Treating Gout

A gout diet should still be followed with calorie restriction and regular exercise. That way an overall health boost builds on while maintaining a healthy body weight. Apart from maintaining your diet, there are several lifestyle changes that help lower your risk of gout attacks.

  • Lose Weight: If you have gout, being overweight can increase your risk of gout attacks. This is because being overweight makes the body more resistant to insulin, leading to insulin resistance.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is another way to prevent gout attacks. Exercising not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, it also keeps uric acid levels low.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keeping the body hydrated helps reduce the risk of gout attacks. This is because adequate water intake helps the body remove excess uric acid from the blood, and excrete it into the urine.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake: Alcohol is a common trigger for gout attacks. This is because the body may prioritize eliminating alcohol over eliminating uric acid. Thus allowing uric acid to accumulate and form crystals.
  • Take Vitamin C Supplements: Vitamin C supplements can prevent gout disorders by decreasing uric acid levels. It seems that vitamin C does this by helping the kidneys excrete more uric acid in the urine.

Here’s How to Lower Uric Acid Naturally

Although a healthy diet helps control how much uric acid is in the body, you may still need medication to prevent future disorders.