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Unhealthy Diet Can Affect Mental Health

, – The goal of a diet is actually not only aimed at cutting body weight to get the ideal body shape. Diet is actually a special dietary rule or pattern for overall health. There are a variety of diets that have become quite popular in recent years. Starting from the keto diet, Mediterranean, or also the mayo diet.

Things that need to be underlined, a diet that is done carelessly can actually backfire on yourself. The impact of an unhealthy diet can cause problems not only physically, but also psychologically. The reason is, in some cases diet can affect mental health such as triggering depression.

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Poor Diet and Depression, Which Comes First?

Have you ever heard the term from the West, “ You Are What You Eat” ? The sentence is not just a term, but indeed what we eat represents our physical and psychological health. In short, food intake is not only about physical matters, but also affects emotional well-being.

Returning to the subtitles above, which one comes first? The layman could argue that depression makes us more likely to adopt unhealthy diets or eating patterns . It is true, but which should come first, diet or depression?

Well, luckily researchers have answered this question. The experts conducted the study by looking at the baseline diet and then calculating the risk of the study volunteers developing depression. What are the results? They found that a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, was associated with a lower risk of developing depressive symptoms.

According to experts at Harvard Medical School diet is an important component of mental health, which has inspired a whole field of medicine called nutritional psychiatry.

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Mediterranean vs Western-Style

Again, diet is not just about ideal body shape, diet also affects mental health. The reason is, an unhealthy diet can trigger depression in some people. Want proof?

One study says there is a link between what a person eats and the risk of depression. According to a study in the Journal of Affective Disorder, entitled “ Diet quality and depression risk: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies”, adherence to a high-quality diet, regardless of type (one being the Mediterranean diet), is associated with risk. depressive symptoms lower over time.

Apart from the journals above, there are also other journals that we can look at. A study in Psychiatry Research entitled “ Dietary patterns and depression risk: A meta-analysis”, clearly states a diet with a high intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, low-fat dairy products and antioxidants, and low food intake. animals, was associated with a reduced risk of depression.

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So, what about those who adopt unhealthy diets? Is it true that an unhealthy diet can trigger depression?

According to the journal Psychiatry Research, a diet high in red or processed meat, refined grains, candy, high-fat dairy, butter, potatoes, high-fat sauces, and low fruit and vegetable intake is associated with an increased risk of depression. .

In conclusion, a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of depression. Meanwhile, a western-style diet can actually increase the risk of depression.

So, now the choice is yours, which diet to adopt?

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