Two Blue-Line Films Evidence Teens Are Not Ready To Be Parents?

Dua Garis Biru , an Indonesian film that had reaped pros and cons before being officially aired, was finally released. The reason is cliché, the party thinks this film teaches things that are not in accordance with social norms, namely dating outside the boundaries which leads to pregnancy outside of marriage. The boycott petition was initiated by the Indonesian Teaching Student Professionalism Movement (Garagaraguru) which was uploaded through the website.

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Two Blue Lines Film Discusses Sex Education for Teens

The boycott made some of the public who were pro to the positive message in the film Dua Garis Biru also reacted. They created a counter petition that was uploaded on a similar site to invite other people to watch the film and take the positive message they wanted to convey, namely sex education for teenagers.

The film Dua Garis Biru tells the story of Dara (played by Zara JKT48) and Bima (Angga Yunanda), high school students who fall in love with each other. Even though they received the support and trust of many parties, the heightened fluctuation of romance made them think short. This young couple violated the boundaries of dating which caused Dara to become pregnant.

The result was clear, both sides of the family were angry and asked them to take responsibility for their actions. Each parent does not accept that their child must be married by accident (MBA) and asks them to think of their child as a younger sibling. This implies that pregnancy outside of marriage will create new problems for the “perpetrator” and the family, especially in the face of social accusations.

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Message to Teens: Think Before “Freaks”

There are many positive messages to be conveyed in the film Dua Garis Biru . One of them is the importance of sex education from an early age in the family circle, so that the child knows the boundaries of social interactions. That way, children think carefully about the consequences of their actions, before they “go too far” and have a negative impact on life. After all, an unplanned pregnancy has an impact on the mental state of adolescents.

Having children, especially due to unplanned pregnancy, is a challenge for young mothers. The impact is not only on physical changes, but also on the mental condition of the teenager. Young mothers are prone to stress due to lack of sleep, caring for their children, making doctor appointments, which are often done in conjunction with school activities. This condition is exacerbated by the existence of social accusations from the surrounding environment, including family, which young mothers from among adolescents cannot necessarily face.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics states that young mothers aged 15-19 years have a higher risk of experiencing postpartum depression after giving birth, compared to mothers aged 25 years or older. Other mental conditions that young mothers are prone to are baby blues , depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, the desire to hurt their children, and suicidal thoughts.

These various risks undoubtedly make teenagers who become pregnant outside of marriage decide to abort the womb (abortion), because they are not ready to accept social pressure from the environment and other bad consequences. Other impacts are related to the risk of pregnancy, such as low birth weight and infant mortality.

Therefore, it is important for parents to provide sex education to children from an early age. Even though it is still considered taboo, early sex education helps children set limits in their interactions so they don’t go too far.

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So, getting pregnant outside of marriage at a young age is not only a matter of endangering health, but also mental readiness. If you are pregnant and have health complaints, don’t hesitate to talk to your womb. Now, you can make an appointment with an obstetrician online at the hospital of choice here . You can also ask and answer questions from doctors regarding pregnancy complaints by downloading the application .

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