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True or Not, Men Can Have Multiorgasme?

, – Getting multiorgasme or achieving more than one orgasm in intercourse is not a myth. Because, not a few women who experience it. This ability is actually owned by many women. Then, what about men? Is it true that men can also experience multiorgasme?

Not Just Ejaculation

Surely most men will feel satisfied and happy when they can have multiple orgasms during intercourse. However, the refractory period tends to prevent them from reaching it. This refractory period itself is a period of rest or recovery mode. In short, men should wait a while or have to take a break to get their next orgasm.

But according to experts, men can also get multiorgasme like women, without the need to enter recovery mode. The way to get it is not easy, it requires a lot of practice.

Now, it must be underlined, we tend to equate orgasm with ejaculation . In fact, this is not true. According to sexologists from the United States as quoted by GQ, orgasm is part of the sexual experience that occurs between two and seven seconds before ejaculation. Well, in those seconds there will be an increase in sensitivity in the whole body, starting from faster breathing to other sensations that arise in the body.

Meanwhile, ejaculation itself is the last stage of stimulation and involves the release of semen (semen), as well as neurotransmitters that will send the body to a resting stage or refractory period. Although it is almost impossible for men to get ejaculatory multiorgasms without a refractory period, you can climax several times, even if you do not excrete semen.

The sensation is different

Experts say the above conditions are commonly referred to as non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms (NEMO), or non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms . The technique for obtaining it involves the pelvic muscles. But keep in mind, don’t think that a non-ejaculatory orgasm will feel the same as an ordinary orgasm, because the sensation will be different. So, lower your expectations a little to be able to feel the exciting sensation.

According to experts at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Atlanta, United States, you should not expect to be able to feel small orgasms (NEMO) like orgasms in essence, because the intensity must be different. Even so, according to some men getting a small multiorgasme is actually better than just one large orgasm.

There are techniques apart

To get multiorgasme is tricky. However, there are at least two simple ways that you should try.

– Strengthen the pelvic muscles

Pelvic muscles are the muscles most involved in sexual activity, especially during orgasm. So, in order to get the orgasm you want, try to train the muscles in that section. Exercising these pelvic muscles can also increase the chances of getting multiorgasme, you know. Then, how to train the pelvic muscles?

According to experts, Kegel is a movement that can train the pelvic muscles which are involved a lot in sexual activity. In addition, Kegel can also help to prevent premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The movements aren’t too complicated. You just need to lie on your back on a flat surface. Then, bend your knees so that your upper leg forms a 45 degree angle. After that, hold your hips and lift your upper body, then hold for five seconds as if holding a pee, then release. You can do it over and over again, but make sure you urinate before doing this exercise.

– Try Another Position

If you have trouble delaying ejaculation, try switching to another position . Experts say this method can help you to control ejaculation and erection. For example, try a position where you can stand and pull out your penis before ejaculating. According to sex therapy, this method can also tighten the muscles right before the point of ejaculation, so you can have an orgasm without ejaculating.

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