Tricks For Long Lasting Intimate Relationships

, – On average, about 45 percent of men ejaculate in two minutes. Meanwhile, the ideal time to get satisfaction during intercourse is a maximum of 7-13 minutes. How about you and your partner? How many minutes does it “last”?

There is no need to be sad and disappointed, men all over the world are not “long lasting”. Meanwhile, women have emotional problems that make it difficult to orgasm. Several things influence why partners (especially men) are not “long lasting”. Maybe because it’s been too long not to have sex, so the desire to ejaculate faster to come. In addition to health factors and other things can affect Mr. resilience. P for erection. Here are some tricks for “lasting” intimate relationships.

1. Exercise

Routine exercise is one that is often recommended for better quality intimate relationships. The issue of “long lasting” is closely related to excellent stamina. Generally, people who rarely exercise also don’t have the best stamina for endurance having sex. Some of the recommended sports to increase stamina having sex are cardio exercises such as running, swimming, and yoga for flexibility.

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2. Consumption of Healthy Food

Not only increasing physical activity, you also need nutritious food intake to be able to increase endurance during sex. Reducing alcoholic drinks, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and consuming protein foods are tips for “long lasting”. Drinking milk every morning is also necessary. The reason is, adults also have calcium needs that should not be forgotten.

3. Mind Control

The trick that is no less important in order to be “durable” is to control the mind. Indeed, when penetration occurs you will feel a sensation of extraordinary pleasure. In fact, focusing too much on feeling good will actually make you ejaculate quickly and make your partner annoyed. Try to divert your mind more to feeling affection for your partner, the affection you give and a little negating the physical sensations that are happening.

4. Exploring Positions

In every intercourse, there must be several positions that make you quick to ejaculate. Try to avoid this position for the first session so that your partner doesn’t feel disappointed. Because usually premature ejaculation occurs during the first session of intercourse, only then can men be more able to withstand ejaculation. Apart from the position of having sex, it is also important to pay attention to the speed at which penetration occurs. Adjust the rhythm and then adjust it to your comfort too so that you can set the right time to ejaculate.

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5. Schedule Intimate Relationship Activities

Take a night to discuss what you do and don’t like, explore new intercourse moves, and talk about hidden fantasies. Don’t force yourself to be sexy, just experiment to see what you like. Also tell me what you can usually avoid for fear of embarrassing yourself or sounding insensitive.

6. Communicating to Relieve Stress

Lack of communication often causes dryness of intimate relationships in a relationship. Couples who fight frequently are 10 times happier than those who avoid conflict. Practice having difficult conversations. Cultivating intimacy is often as simple as talking about something you have avoided with your partner.

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Don’t be discouraged by what your partner says. Remember that finding out what’s wrong in a relationship is part of working to fix it. If none of these attempts work, try talking to a psychologist via the app about how to deal with them. Come on, download the application now!


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