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Tips for making love during honeymoon to get pregnant quickly

, – Most couples usually go on their honeymoon immediately after marriage. Not without purpose, but honeymoon is the right time for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic time together as a husband and wife and to have a baby.

Did you know that having intercourse while on a honeymoon is actually a greater chance of getting pregnant than having intercourse on normal days, you know. Indeed, this has not been supported by enough research, but experts believe that couples who feel happy and relaxed while on their honeymoon will find it easier to get pregnant immediately. Therefore, use your honeymoon as much as possible to be able to have children soon. Here are the tips:

  • Adjust the Honeymoon with Fertile Period

Schedule your honeymoon according to the fertile period. You can calculate your menstrual cycle in advance. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, which is 28 days, then your fertile period falls on days 12 to 16. The two days before ovulation is the best time to have sex. Also pay attention not to let your honeymoon coincide with the time of premenstrual or during menstruation.

  • Try Making Love in Different Places

Such as in the bathroom, on the beach, in the car, in the fitting room, and others. Having sex in a challenging place can increase your sex drive and your partner, making it more effective to get pregnant soon. But be careful not to be seen by other people, huh.

  • Consume These Foods

Some of these foods are believed to increase sexual arousal, namely chocolate, bananas, and grapes. The high content of amino acids tryptophandan phenylalanine in chocolate can make you feel relaxed and happy. While bananas contain the enzyme bromelain which can increase libido, and potassium and vitamin B can increase your energy. Grapes contain antioxidants that can improve blood flow and carry oxygen to the ovaries.

  • Avoid Extreme Physical Activity

When on your honeymoon, you should avoid doing extreme physical activities, such as diving, surfing, bungee jumping , rafting, and so on. Besides you will make your body tired, high adrenaline can also thwart conception if you do this physical activity after having sex.

  • Favorite Sex Positions During Honeymoon

Quoted from Cosmopolitan, there are several styles of sex that are liked by couples while on their honeymoon. Reportedly, these sex positions were also carried out by the couple Kate and William, you know.

The Erotic Roller Coaster / Cow Girl

This style leaves the woman above the man, but backs her face. Making fast movements as if you were a female cowboy can make your love moments even more fun. You can also adjust the movement speed like a roller coaster that can go fast and it can also be slow.


Still in the position of women over men, twirl-a-girl is making a twist on men. When Mr. P partner starts to enter Miss V, do slow movements to make movements such as opening a bottle cap. Seeing your hard work, Si He will feel hot and will continue to touch your body.

The Mermaid

As the name suggests, you will sleep in the corner of the bed, then tuck your legs together and lift them straight up. The best part is that your partner can hold onto your feet for balance and to push deeper.

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