Autism Sports

This is the type of exercise that is good for children with autism

, – Parents who have children with autism will usually pay more attention and look for ways to improve their children’s verbal abilities and be able to behave well in social life, but ignore the importance of physical activity. Yet according to experts, physical activity or sports can improve the quality of life for children with autism for the better.

Exercise is also important for autistic children so that their bodies can move actively and improve their motor skills. In addition, exercise can also be used as a therapy to improve concentration and social communication skills and improve behavioral problems. If you want to encourage your child with autism to exercise, you can choose individual types of exercise where the movements are easy to imitate for him:

1. Swimming
This water sport is a type of individual sport with simple and repetitive movements, making it suitable for children with autism. Continue to train your little one regularly so that he can master the basic styles of swimming and can play in the pool.

2. Horse riding
Horse riding is expensive, but this sport can be a therapy for children with autism. Apart from being fun, autistic children are also believed to be better able to communicate with animals than humans.

3. Hiking and Fishing
For people with autism, peaceful and quiet activities amidst beautiful nature can be a powerful stress reliever. Hiking is an individual or group sport activity that is very easy to do without stressing your little one with the obligation to communicate with other people. Fishing is also another type of activity that is perfect for little ones who like to enjoy natural beauty.

4. Martial Arts
Karate, judo, and taekwondo are sports that allow physical interaction with other people. For children with autism, martial arts is the best way to build physical abilities and self-confidence.

5. Bowling
Another type of sport that is fun and also suitable for autistic children is bowling. The way to do the sport is easy and repetitive. In addition, your little one may also enjoy watching the ball slide toward the row of pins, then knock them down.

6. Yoga
You can encourage your little one to do yoga which is very good for relaxation and practice concentration. Here are the benefits of yoga for children with autism:

Helps restore self-confidence.Not being able to behave like other children and not being able to match them in sports, makes autistic children sad and inferior. Through self-control and calming techniques found in yoga, children can regain confidence.

Provides Comfortable Stimulation.The nervous system that is owned by children with autism is very sensitive and easily aroused by bright lights, loud sounds, strong tastes and smells. However, children will feel comfortable and safe in a yoga class, because the lights are set so that they are slightly dimmed, soft music is installed, and a soft mattress is provided, so that the child feels calm.

Develop motor skills. The development of motor skills of children with autism is usually delayed. By practicing yoga, children can improve balance and stability, as well as develop body awareness and coordination.

Practicing Self-Mastery. Yoga also plays an important role in helping children with autism control themselves. Your little one learns to feel his body and exhale himself through yoga, so that he can control himself when he feels anxious or angry.

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