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This is the Impact of Verbal Violence in Ospect on Youth

, – Recently, viral video ospek or the introduction of a new student campus life (PKKMB) online which is held by one of the faculty of the state university in Surabaya. The video shows snippets of new students (maba) who are yelled at by their seniors. The reason is, the new student was scolded for not wearing the complete attributes as set out in the rules.

In fact, this aspect of verbal abuse from seniors has occurred frequently over the years which is claimed to form a stronger and disciplined student mentality. However, according to some psychologists, this method is no longer relevant. Verbal violence will not be effective in making students obey, in fact, it will have more negative effects.

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Impact of Verbal Abuse on Adolescents

Verbal abuse is a form of emotional abuse in which a person uses words or threats to demonstrate power and control over someone. In the case of campus aspects, it is usually seen from the seniority attitude of junior students. Yelling or verbal abuse can cause the recipient to become depressed, fearful, embarrassed, and inferior.

The negative impact caused by verbal abuse cannot be seen from the outside. However, this event will leave a negative psychological impact that often makes it difficult for a person to forget.

Both children or late adolescents who have become students are a group that is vulnerable to experiencing the adverse effects of verbal abuse. Instead of disciplining and forming a strong mentality, the perspective of yelling or verbal abuse can cause students to develop into individuals with low self-confidence.

Verbal violence from seniors in aspects actually makes juniors have a bad perspective on themselves, the environment, the world, and the campus environment. A person can also show withdrawn or antisocial attitudes. In addition, they are likely to experience decreased academic performance and develop unhealthy relationships with their fellow students.

If the mental condition is disturbed, a person can experience depression to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can destroy the overall quality of life.

For this reason, it is necessary to know that the implementation of the campus orientation or orientation period must be reviewed and adjusted to its objectives. If the aim of the ospect is to introduce the campus and the life on it, then yelling or verbal abuse will be irrelevant and effective.

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What to do if you are a victim of verbal violence

If you feel like you are a victim of verbal abuse, trust your instincts. Remember that it is possible that the offender’s actions will become increasingly violent. Once you realize it, you have to decide how to deal with it. Conferencing with verbal abusers may seem easy, but it has little chance of success.

Please note, you are not responsible for other people’s behavior. So, here are some things you can do when you become a victim of verbal abuse:

  • Set boundaries. Start refusing to get into arguments that don’t make sense. Tell them that you will not respond or ignore their words.
  • Limit exposure to verbal abuse from abusers as much as possible. If you travel in the same social circle, you will have to make difficult decisions. If you can’t avoid the person completely, try to keep a close eye on situations where other people are around.
  • Cut ties with the perpetrator when ready. Breaking up from a verbal abuser can be tricky in some situations. Especially if you are forced to be in the same environment (for example a campus environment and in the same academic department).

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If things get tough enough, you may need to talk to a psychologist via the app . Sometimes the perspective of people outside your environment can help you see things from a new perspective and figure out what to do next.

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