Sex Yoga

These 5 Yoga Movements Make Intimate Relationships Intense

– The quality of sexual activity can be seen when you and your partner get mutual satisfaction, not from just one party. The reason is, there are many breakdowns in household relationships that are not only due to principles and financial issues, but intimate relationships also feel bland.

However, it turns out that you and your partner can increase intimacy when engaging in sexual activity with yoga . You must already know that this meditation exercise is not only good for physical health, but also healthy for the mind. Reportedly, yoga for sex can prevent premature ejaculation and improve performance, so that intercourse can last longer.

Yoga Movements to Increase Sexual Intimacy

There are many things that cause sexual relations between you and your partner not as expected. It could be, you or your partner find it difficult to orgasm or foreplay that is not optimal, so that the intimate organs hurt when penetration is done. If this is the case, it’s time you asked the doctor. The application is ready to help through the Ask a Doctor feature or can immediately make an appointment at the hospital.

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Well, here are yoga poses to help improve the quality of your intimate relationship with your partner, namely:

  • Grounding or Centering

These two movements are the right choice for you and your partner to start practicing yoga. This movement helps you connect with your physical and spiritual environment, so that you are better equipped to start other yoga movements. You must know, mindset and meditation are two important aspects if you want your yoga practice to be successful.

  • Seated Cat Cow

In yoga, this position is called Bidalasana or Marjariasana. This yoga position is usually done with a partner, and is a form of stretching the hips and back muscles. The seated cat cow movement assists lung and chest performance. So, make sure you and your partner always focus on the breathing area during this position.

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  • Back to Back Position Like Chairs

The next yoga position that can improve the quality of your intimate relationship with your partner is Utkatasana or back to back to form a chair. This pose is great for strengthening thigh and leg muscles while increasing mobility of the ankles.

  • Seated Forward Backbend

Bending forward with your partner’s back is intended as an intense stretch for the back and leg muscles. This pose is also more enjoyable when one partner has a more flexible body than the other. However, communication is key, because this movement triggers injury.

  • Child’s Pose

This yoga position is the most popular position. The reason is, couples can help each other, so that good cooperation is established so that this movement can provide maximum benefits. One is in a standing position, while the other is kneeling with his back bent and his hands straight holding the ankles of the standing partner. Then, the standing partner bows down and hands straight on the back of the kneeling partner.

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So, it turns out that it is not difficult to make an intimate relationship between you and your partner more qualified? You only need the right time or moment and good communication . Come on, try starting now!

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