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These 3 Habits Can Cause Hernia

Maintaining a lifestyle and diet can prevent you from hernia . Hernia is a condition that occurs when a portion of an organ or tissue in your body protrudes into an unusual place. Hernia also has several different types, namely as follows.

1. Inguinal Hernia

A lump that results from a hernia usually appears in the inner groin area.

2. Incisional Hernia

This lump appears due to an incision in certain body parts.

3. Femoral Hernia

A lump appears on the outer groin. This lump can occur due to the operation process.

4. Umbilical hernia

Usually in the form of a soft lump that appears on the navel.

5. Hiatal Hernia

In this condition, a lump appears in the upper abdomen to the opening of the diaphragm. Stomach acid easily rises if you have a hiatal hernia.

Hernia can be experienced by both men and women. Despite experiencing the same disease, hernias in women and men have different characteristics and treatment. Usually, inguinal hernias occur in men and femoral hernias or umbilical hernias are common in women, especially during pregnancy .

But not to worry, hernia is one of the common diseases experienced by adults. You can prevent a hernia by reducing the factors that can increase the hernia. You can avoid several habits that can cause hernias, including:

1. Lack of Adjusting Diet

We recommend that you adjust your diet by eating healthy foods that can meet nutritional and nutritional needs. Foods that are less healthy and contain too much fat can increase the potential for hernia. Eat foods that contain lots of fiber so you avoid digestive problems .

This can reduce your risk of developing a hernia. In addition, adjust your nutritional adequacy so that health is maintained. Adjusting your diet can prevent you from being overweight which can increase your risk of hernia. Being overweight makes the stomach bigger and the pressure on the abdominal wall also increases. Pressure on abdominal fat and these organs can cause hernias.

2. Often Lifting Too Heavy Weights

If you are used to lifting heavy weights, pay attention or check your health condition. This activity is at risk of increasing hernia disease. When you lift weights, there is also a strong pressure on your stomach. This is what triggers a tissue or organ to go out into the area where it doesn’t belong. Instead, pay attention to how to lift weights properly in order to reduce the risk of developing a hernia.

3. Smoking

Smoking habits can cause health problems, from lung health problems to hernias. Eating cigarettes means that you consume substances that are quite dangerous for your health, one of which is nicotine. When you regularly consume cigarettes, you can experience chronic cough, which has health complications in hernias. When you have a chronic cough, there is pressure on your stomach and diaphragm muscles. This pressure causes a smoker to experience a hernia.