The reason for adultery is not just sex

, – For some people, staying in a relationship with someone may not be a difficult thing. Especially if the relationship that exists between you and the him begins with feelings of mutual love. Duh, it must be really beautiful, right?

However, what happens if you suddenly find out that he has other dreams, aka cheating? Often this will be associated with sexual problems, for example a partner is no longer satisfied or he chooses to go out with someone else who is sexier, more beautiful, and attractive. It’s only natural that there are thoughts, but did you know that infidelity does not always happen because of this.

In fact, there are many other factors that can make someone decide to have an affair. For example, lack of attention and several other causes. So, what are the most common causes of someone cheating?

Reasons Men Cheat

Apart from sexual matters, another thing that can break a marriage relationship is an emotional problem. Because, it cannot be denied, someone tends to feel comfortable and look for other people who have emotional closeness. As a result, this is often used as an excuse for infidelity, especially by men.

Most of the men who cheat admit that physical problems are not the main thing. The average man admitted that he began to lose emotional closeness with his partner and tried to find it from another figure. This then became the seed for the beginning of an affair.

Men who cheat for this reason admit to having an “illicit relationship” without involving sex. Over time, it is possible to create a distance between you and your partner. Especially if you and your partner both have activities outside the home. Instead of spending time together and talking about each other’s needs, you may feel too tired and end up letting the problems build up.

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To avoid this, try to always make time and talk to each other with the him. Show that you still really appreciate and love him. This will certainly make you and your partner even more sticky and prevent the entry of a third person into the relationship.

Reasons Women Cheat

One of the conditions that drives a woman to cheat is feeling alone and lonely. In fact, this can make someone unhappy and feel neglected by their partner. In fact, women crave someone who can always be by their side. In the end, having an affair becomes the way to fulfill this.

Unfortunately, cheating is often done by women to get the attention they want again. As is well known, generally women use feelings more than logic. This is what makes many women love the feeling of being calm and comfortable, one of which is through a little attention to themselves.

For men, try to show more love and care for their partner. Because, it has been proven to foster feelings of love and harmony in a relationship. Also, because women tend to want a better understanding, take a little time at the end of the day to ask how she’s doing and hear the story she wants to tell.

In addition, you and your partner can improve the quality of your relationship by doing many activities together. One of the activities that must be tried is exercising together. Besides being good for health, exercise that is done with a partner is proven to be more enthusiastic and improve mood .

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