The function of the hormone testosterone for men and women

– What comes to your mind when it comes to testosterone ? Is it a macho guy, aggressive behavior, or violence? The hormone testosterone is generally identified with men. This hormone is more widely known by the general public as a hormone that affects libido, muscle mass formation, energy level endurance, and changes in secondary sex characteristics in men at puberty.

Apparently, testosterone is also produced by the female body. Testosterone is a hormone among a group of hormones known as androgens, but it is the main sex hormone produced by men.

This hormone fulfills important functions for both men and women, most prominently in regulating sex drive. However, men produce much greater amounts of testosterone than women.

What Are the Normal Testosterone Levels in Men?


Know the Function of the Testosterone Hormone for Men

Testosterone plays an important role in health and disease that you may not know about. For example, is testosterone a key player in the development of prostate cancer? Well, the function of this hormone in men, namely:

  • Penile and testicular development;
  • Deepening of voice at puberty;
  • The appearance of facial and pubic hair starting at puberty; later this hormone plays a role in the cause of baldness ;
  • Muscle size and strength;
  • Bone growth and strength;
  • Sex drive (libido);
  • Sperm production.

Not only that, testosterone can help maintain a normal mood. Signals sent from the brain to the pituitary gland at the base of the brain control testosterone production in men.

This pituitary gland then sends a signal to the testes to produce testosterone. When testosterone levels rise too high, the brain sends signals to the pituitary to reduce production.

Causes of Low Testosterone in Men


The hormone Testosterone also has a function in the female body

Meanwhile, if you think testosterone is only important in men, this is a wrong assumption. Testosterone is also produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women. It is one of several androgens (male sex hormones) present in women. These hormones are thought to have important effects, namely:

  • Ovarian function;
  • Bone strength;
  • Sexual behavior, including normal libido (although evidence is not conclusive).

The right balance between testosterone (along with other androgens) and estrogen is essential for the ovaries to work normally. Although the specifics are uncertain, it is possible that androgens play an important role in normal brain function (including mood, sex drive, and cognitive function).

Do these 4 sports so that men are not deficient in the hormone testosterone


Effects of Unbalanced Testosterone Levels

Although it has many functions, but excessive or less testosterone levels in men and women are also not a good thing. Testosterone levels in the blood will actually vary dramatically over time, even during the day.

Symptoms associated with abnormally high testosterone levels in men can include low sperm count, shrinking testicles and impotence, an enlarged prostate. This condition can also cause problems related to acne, headaches, increased muscle mass, increased appetite, and many more.

Meanwhile, in women, Harvard Health Publishing revealed that excess testosterone in women is one of the causes of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is characterized by irregular menstruation that interferes with fertility.

It turns out that too little testosterone also invites problems. In men, this condition causes reduced body and facial hair, low libido, infertility disorders, loss of muscle mass, bad emotions and concentration, and brittle bones. Meanwhile, in women, low testosterone causes low libido, reduced bone strength, and poor concentration or depression.

Check with the hospital immediately if you experience symptoms of this imbalance in testosterone levels. Just make an appointment right away , and it will be easier for you to meet your doctor to get the right treatment.

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