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The First 5 Years of Marriage Are Most Difficult, Really?

, – Deciding to get married and live with someone for a long time is a big decision in life. Although the early life of marriage feels very fun and filled with love, that does not mean that there are no problems that may occur later on.

In fact, problems in the household and relationship are a common thing and almost certainly happen. But you know, the first 5 years of marriage are called the “critical” and most difficult to go through. Is it true?

This assumption can be true, but cannot be generalized to all couples. In fact, the difficulties that occur in the first 5 years of marriage do not always have the same impact. The problem of being more vulnerable occurs because the first years of marriage are a time for couples to adapt. Not only among them, couples also have a duty to get to know other family members and various conditions that must be faced later.

Not only a matter of family, usually in the first years of marriage, there are still many joint plans to be achieved. Not infrequently, there are small things and their own ideals that can trigger a fight. For example, the decision to buy a house, lifestyle, to talk about children and how to raise them later.

So, what are the real problems that make the first 5 years of marriage difficult?

1. Haste to decide

The belief that marriage can handle everything often leads couples to rush into deciding to get married. But it turns out, life is not always as beautiful as imagined. In fact, rushing into a marriage can cause unimportant problems in the household.

2. Communication Problems

The first five years of marriage are a time to start adapting to married life. Well, often in this process communication problems arise in young couples. In fact, communication problems can cause a worse marital relationship and a lack of mutual understanding between you and your partner.

3. Different Plans

Over time, you and your partner will begin to think and plan a life. Unfortunately, in the midst of this planning problems often arise such as differences in perspective and plans. If this is not addressed properly, this can really be a threat to a relationship. Therefore, if you find a difference in plans, always make sure to finish it at the beginning and find an agreement with your partner.

4. Hidden Debt

It is not impossible, before marriage the couple does not open up completely One of them is about the past, to the financial problems faced, for example, there is a hidden debt. Because in general, money is a problem that often causes fights in marital relationships. It’s best to get to know your partner first before deciding to marry him.

5. Not Honest

Apart from communication, the key to a successful marriage is to be honest with one another. Avoid hiding your true feelings for your partner. That is, try to always be honest and discuss all the troublesome problems with your partner. It can also foster feelings of mutual trust and understanding between partners.

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