Team or Individual Sports, Which is Better for Kids?

– Exercise always has a good impact on health, both physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter what sport you do, whether it’s a solo sport, or a team sport, because each one does have its benefits. Then, which exercise is good for children? Is it an individual sport, or is it a team sport?

Benefits of Doing Individual Sports

Compared to team sports, individual sports do have more varied options, such as jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, and many more. This sport is never wrong to be taught to children. From individual sports, children can learn how to be independent and independent from others.

Through individual sports too, parents will shape the character of a child who is always excited and doesn’t give up. The reason is, exercise itself often presents a feeling of laziness, so it takes enthusiasm and motivation to consistently do it. It should be noted that the motivation that is present in oneself has a stronger impact than the motivation of others.

Confidence is also the next effect that will be felt by children. Exercising on your own means that your child will do it without friends, so that he will be ready to be in the eyes of other people who pass him. This is very good for growth and development, because it keeps away from being inferior.

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Benefits of Doing Team Sports

Done together, of course, team sports teach children various other life lessons that he never got in school. For example, studying the characteristics of other people who are in the same team, so that it can determine how the attitude should be given to that person. Of course, different characters, different attitudes must be given.

Not only that, the important thing that children will get by actively participating in team sports is cooperation. Together with his colleagues, he will learn how to look for and find the best strategy to be able to win, how to reduce egoism and idealism for the common interest, and of course, learn to respect each other and fill the shortcomings of each team member, because everyone is born with different abilities. .

From team play, children will learn how not always they will always win, not always what they want will be conveyed. The game is lose and win, and when he gets a defeat, he will know how it feels and react to it. The good thing is, he doesn’t face it alone, because there are teammates who share the same burden as him.

Choosing the Best Type of Sports Wear

Whatever sport he does, everything is good to support his growth and development. Every sport teaches life learning which is very useful as a provision when he grows up later. Mothers and fathers only need to provide support and assistance in every activity they choose, either alone or with their best friends.

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