Hamstring Injury

Sports with Risk of Anterior Knee Ligament Injuries

, – Both professional and amateur athletes can say they are ‘friends’ with various types of injuries. Starting from sprains, hamstring, head injuries, Achilles tendon, or other injuries. However, there is one injury that is quite dreaded, namely the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, or the anterior knee ligament injury.

The ACL causes damage or tears to the anterior knee ligaments. This section is the ligament that connects the lower thighbone and the shin to keep the knee stable.

The thing to remember, this injury does not only haunt professional athletes or amateurs. All of us who do certain types of sports can experience this injury. So, what sports can generally cause ACL injuries?

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Not Just Football

According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) , apart from a hamstring injury , the ACL is one that footballers have the potential to experience. There are many national and international footballers who have had to deal with this injury.

In soccer this injury is usually caused by direct contact such as a tackle from an opposing player. Apart from direct contact, a movement that is fast and sudden stops, or landing in the wrong position can also trigger an ACL.

This injury includes a terrible scourge for footballers. The reason is clear, the healing period for an ACL injury takes a long time, at least six months to a year. In addition, they are also prone to develop post-traumatic osteoarthritis .

In short, players who experience ACL must give up their appearance for half or up to a season. What’s more, the ACL could dim a player’s career. Tuh, isn’t playing around with the ACL injury?

How to deal with ACL is quite difficult. These injuries often require sophisticated imaging, reconstructive surgery, intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and continuous monitoring to reduce the incidence of re-injury.

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It must be emphasized that football is not the only sport that can cause ACL injuries. There are still several other sports that can cause this condition, for example:

  1. Basketball;
  2. Volleyball;
  3. Skiing;
  4. Tennis;
  5. Rugby;
  6. Gymnastics.

Severe Pain to Swell

A person or athlete who experiences ACL usually experiences various symptoms and causes various complaints to the sufferer. So, what are the symptoms of ACL injuries that generally occur?

  • Severe pain in the knee.
  • A “pop” sound when the injury occurs.
  • The knee is difficult to move and stretch.
  • Swelling of the knee within 6 hours of injury.
  • Trouble continuing your sport
  • Those with only minor injuries may feel the knee feel unstable, or appear “loose” when using it.

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Want to know more about ACL injuries? Or have other health complaints? You can ask the doctor directly through the application . No need to leave the house, you can contact a specialist anytime and anywhere. Practical, right?

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