Sports that are safe to do when you are 50 years old

Exercise is important for everyone at all ages. However, as they grow, a person’s physical condition also deteriorates, so they will experience limitations in their activities. When someone turns 50 years old, not all physical activity is carried out. However, an elderly person also needs to maintain his health in order to avoid disease attacks.

A person over 50 years of age will be prone to a number of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. So, what sports for the elderly are right to do? For those of you who are over 50 years old, here are some recommended sports.

This is a Safe Sport to Do During the Corona Pandemic

This is Sport for the Elderly

Active physical activity or exercise can help maintain all body functions properly. However, for someone over 50 years of age, they cannot do sports carelessly, because they have the potential to experience injury. So, what are the recommended exercises for the elderly?

1. Walk

Walking is a simple exercise that is very effective in supporting body health. This one sport can strengthen the muscles of the lower body and help prevent diseases of the bones, such as osteoporosis.

2. Cycling Relax

When you have joints that feel stiff or sore, cycling can be an alternative to overcome it. This exercise is good because it does not support body weight. Cycling will make the blood move and build muscles in the front and back of the legs, and hips.


Jogging for the elderly can be done in a slow, but sure, motion. Don’t forget to wear the right shoes, with soft cushion, so that your joints stay safe. Don’t forget to choose a flat or soft track to reduce the risk of injury.

Movement Sports for Ideal Body Shape

5. Swim

Swimming is a very good sport for the elderly to do. This exercise will not put pressure on the joints, so the risk of injury will be smaller. Swimming can also burn calories in the body, and make the heart beat like jogging or cycling. The advantage is, the body is not in hot temperatures.

6.Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial art originating from China. Tai chi can also be called moving meditation, which is done by moving the body slowly and gently, flowing from one position to another, and done by taking deep breaths. Movement in this sport is not only good for balance, but can also improve heart and bone health.

7. Hope

Yoha is able to effectively stretch and strengthen the muscles in the body. Movement in this one sport can strengthen tendons and ligaments, which can hold bones together. To do this, take a full breath and concentrate. Doing regular yoga movements can help lower your heart rate, reduce high blood pressure, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Recommended Exercise Dose to Stay Healthy

Those are a number of sports for the elderly that can be done to maintain health and fitness in old age. To begin with, you don’t need to do it in heavy intensity. Just 20-30 minutes per session and do it several times a week. However, it is better for you to discuss with your doctor the type of exercise and duration that is suitable for your body condition.

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