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Splashy World Cup, this is the reason Russians love honey

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is sure to be seen by millions of pairs of eyes in various parts of the world. Now, speaking of the 2018 World Cup , of course, it cannot be separated from Russia, which hosted the sports party. Well, there are some interesting things you can learn from the habits of the Russian people. It turns out that people in this superpower are “crazy” for honey. I wonder what, the reason?

Launching Russia Beyond, for Russians, they said there is no disease or health problem that honey cannot solve. It’s true, after all, there have been many studies that say that honey has many benefits for the health of the body. For example, able to restore enthusiasm and increase the immune system.

Still launching Russia Beyond, there is a Russian who admits that he doesn’t care less about honey. He said, honey is not the same as salt, pepper, or sugar which is almost always on the dining table. In short, nothing special. Even so, honey is always in the person’s house, even in difficult circumstances (economically).

No doubt honey efficacy for men

Heritage and Folklore

In Russia, to be precise, in the South Urals region there is honey which is called Bashkir honey. Since ancient times the indigenous people in the area have been raising bees and producing honey. There is evidence to suggest this. Archaeologists found tools to collect wild forest honey at one of the oldest burial sites in Bashkiria. In addition, there are cave paintings that have survived to this day which confirms that ancient people enjoyed a thick, sweet, and healthy liquid.

This sweet drink is part of the Bashkiria heritage and is an almost integral ingredient in the traditional cuisine of the region. For example, a dessert called chak-chak, which is a cookie made from a soft dough in the form of sticks drizzled with honey.