So that the First 5 Years of Marriage Run Smoothly

– Even though the number of children and birth spacing is well planned, there are still joys and sorrows that characterize the lives of young couples, especially in the first five years of marriage. Then, how do you handle it so that your married life remains beautiful?

1. Have Time Together

Newly married young couples have plenty of time for hobbies or going out to dinner together. You and your partner can still do it after you have children, but you have to be good at managing your time and priorities so that no business is neglected. If it is not possible to leave the house, you and your partner can watch your favorite television series after the child sleeps.

2. Communicate the Division of Roles

The presence of children makes you have a new routine that often affects your mood. This often becomes a source of problems, so the division of roles needs to be discussed from the start.

3. Keep showing affection

Routines must be followed. Even though you are now busy with children’s matters, you and your partner can still show love and care for each other. Send a short message containing the words “ I love you “, hug your partner in between activities, or make their favorite food every weekend. Please note that each person’s love language is different. You don’t need to be discouraged if your partner doesn’t respond as expected.

According to Gary Chapman in the book “ The 5 Languages of Love “, there are five ways to express love, namely expressing praise or support, spending time together ( quality time ), giving gifts, providing assistance, and through touch.

A partner whose love language is complimented on may feel normal about being given a surprise gift. However, he will be very happy if you listen to what is said and closes with praise. Likewise with couples whose love language assistance. He still feels sad if you hug him often but don’t help him take care of household needs.

4. Remember the Kindness Partner

Many new things will be found after marriage. The longer the marriage age, the more habits, characters, and real traits of the couple that often irritate. This makes marriage a moment of learning and accepting each other’s shortcomings because in essence, no human being is perfect.

Instead of criticizing your partner’s habit of putting wet towels on the bed, look for the good. There is no need to remember the good he did at the beginning of marriage. Look for his goodness on the same day to appreciate, as simple as making hot tea in the morning or helping make an appointment to the pediatrician.

Of the many bad habits of your partner, you can find even more good things. If necessary, write on a piece of paper and stick it on the refrigerator door. By focusing on the goodness of your partner, your mood will change more positively and it will not be easy to “get hot” if you meet unpleasant things from your partner. Small habits like this can save you and your partner from unnecessary fights.

Another form of attention that you can give to your partner is to ask about their health condition. If your partner is currently sick, do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor about how to handle it properly. You can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat, and Voice / Video Call. Come on, immediately download the application on the App Store or Google Play!

* This article was published on SKATA