Sexual Fantasy with a Partner, Healthy or Not?

, – Sexual fantasy is a story where people who fantasize have the main role. The stories vary widely, it is thought that each fantasy is a personal experience or image. Sexual fantasies are special erotic daydreams, also known as voyeuristic fantasies.

Actually, sexual fantasies are still taboo to discuss, especially with couples. Sexual fantasies are very personal and seem naughty, possibly giving rise to feelings of prejudice. Even less common sexual fantasies can be considered abnormal. So, is sexual fantasy healthy or not?

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Sexual Fantasy Is A Normal Personal Secret

Although it is often considered the body, in fact almost everyone experiences and has sexual fantasies. However, the type of sexual fantasies in each person can vary, as well as the frequency of sexual fantasies arising and the intensity of the urge to do so or how to manifest the presence of these fantasies.

Sexual fantasies can be said to be someone’s wishful thinking about an intimate relationship that is usually outside one’s real experience. The emergence of fantasies can come from one’s own imagination, or it can be stimulated by films, books, photos, conversations, or previous sexual experiences.

Whatever the form of sexual fantasies, from the mundane to the most bizarre, sexual fantasies are normal and not a sign of sexual deviance. On the contrary, sexual fantasies can make your sex life and your partner more passionate.

Even though sexual fantasies are normal, it doesn’t mean you can arbitrarily manifest them. There are several things to consider, including the consent of the partner and the risks. If your partner doesn’t agree, you shouldn’t force them to do these fantasies, especially if they harm your partner.

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You need to know that sexual fantasies are very personal, so everyone’s sexual fantasy choices can be different. What you hope for in sex is not necessarily what your partner wants, or is it even considered terrible. This is normal and should be appreciated.

Again, sexual fantasies are very personal, so everyone’s sexual fantasy choices can be different. What is coveted in sex is not necessarily what your partner wants, or is considered terrible. This is normal and should be appreciated.

Personality Influences One’s Sexual Fantasy

The personality of each person can influence the types of sexual fantasies. A person tends to have sexual fantasies that match his real personality. For example, people with extrovert personalities prefer non-monogamous sexual fantasies (more than one partner). This is because they love socializing and hanging out with new people.

While people with liberal or free personalities, they tend to prefer sexual fantasies that encourage them to explore new things in each intimate relationship. This is natural, because people with personalities like this have a high curiosity.

There are many types of sexual fantasies, some common and some even extreme. Here are some types of sexual fantasies that most people have:

  • “Dominant” or “Submissive”: Fantasy as “Dominant” is usually manifested by giving orders to partners or controlling movements in intimate relationships. Whereas the “Submissive” fantasy, a person who indulges all sexual desires of his partner.
  • BDSM or bondage (bondage), discipline (obedience), sadism (to hurt), and masochism (to be hurt). Is a fairly common fantasy. Usually, people who have BDSM fantasies crave intimate relationships with coercive elements and violent physical actions.
  • Having sex in an unusual place. For example, in the kitchen, den, or in the car, can revive sexual arousal that subsided after being bored with the scene in bed.

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That’s what you need to know about sexual fantasies. If you have problems regarding sexual health, you can discuss it with your doctor through the application . Make sure you have downloaded the application on your smartphone, OK!

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