Sexual Activity Cause Paraphimosis, Really?

, – In Indonesia, circumcision is a cultural tradition that continues to be carried out by the community. In addition to carrying out cultural traditions, circumcision for men has many benefits, one of which is to prevent men from paraphimosis.

Not Circumcision Cause Paraphimosis, Here’s Why

Paraphimosis is a disorder that occurs in Mr. P when Mr. P cannot be pulled back to the head of Mr. P. This causes Mr foreskin. P swells and gets stuck. If allowed, this condition blocks the circulation of blood to Mr. P. Generally, this condition occurs in men who have not undergone circumcision.

Then, does sexual activity that is too strong cause a man to experience paraphimosis? Having sex is not the cause of a man experiencing paraphimosis. After having sex, you should immediately clean up Mr. P so that health is maintained. Always put Mr. skin on. P returns to its original position after being pulled back for cleaning. This habit can prevent paraphimosis.

Know the causes of paraphimosis so that men avoid paraphimosis. Although dangerous, paraphimosis is a rare disease. Apart from forgetting to position Mr. P in its original position, other conditions cause paraphimosis such as experiencing injuries to the genitals, contracting infections, pulling too hard on the foreskin, tighter conditions for the foreskin, and using a catheter for a long time.

Know These Symptoms That Occur When Exposed to Paraphimosis

Symptoms of Paraphimosis

Generally, the symptoms that arise due to paraphimosis are swelling and pain on the part of Mr. P. In addition, the blood flow was not flowing properly on Mr. P causes a discoloration at Mr tip. P becomes purplish red and even bluish.

Immediately treat the symptoms and conditions of paraphimosis, because if left untreated this condition causes health complications in men, such as infection in Mr. P, Mr tip damage. P, Mr. section network. P is dead so it needs amputation at the end of Mr. P.

Treatment and Prevention of Paraphimosis

When a person is confirmed to have paraphimosis, the condition of the disease determines the treatment process carried out by the doctor. Paraphimosis that is known early on can be overcome by:

  1. Compress the swollen part using ice covered with a soft towel.

  2. Wrapping up Mr. P who has swelling with a bandage.

  3. Remove the blood or pus contained in Mr. P

  4. Giving drugs to prevent swelling of the Mr.P

If the paraphimosis condition is already in a quite severe level, the treatment is more complicated than the paraphimosis condition which is still mild. The foreskin was slashed to reduce pressure and swelling in Mr. However, before this process is carried out, the doctor sedates the patient so that this treatment runs comfortably.

We recommend that you clean the foreskin slowly with warm water to prevent this disease. In addition, male babies should avoid using powder on the genitals because it triggers irritation that results in paraphimosis.

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Here’s How to Prevent Paraphimosis You Need to Know