Sex Addiction Can Be An Impulse Control Disorder

, – Have you ever heard of the term impulse control disorder ? This condition occurs when you are unable to control behavior that is negative and aggressive or called antisocial. Why? This is because these mental problems often have a dangerous impact, not only for sufferers, but also for others.

One of them is compulsive sexual behavior. This behavior can involve a variety of pleasurable sexual experiences, including changing partners or viewing pornographic content. Simply put, sufferers will feel addicted to sexual intercourse because it feels very pleasant.

Sex Addiction Is Not The Same As Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Engaging in sexual behavior triggers dopamine production. This means that when someone stops having sexual relations, they will want more because it invites satisfaction.

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However, this is normal. It is no different from sex addicts who can desire certain consensual sexual behavior when they stop doing it. However, this feeling is not the same as physiological addiction to substances, such as drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol addiction occurs because these substances change brain function from wanting to needing. Hence, addiction to drugs and alcohol is classified as a mental disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5) of the American Psychiatric Association.

Meanwhile, the DSM-5 does not include sex addiction as a mental disorder. Unlike drugs, those who engage in compulsive sex do not physically need sex and experience no symptoms, such as nervousness, high blood pressure, and malaise if they don’t.

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When Can Sex Addiction Be Dangerous?

Some people think that sex addiction is a compulsive sexual behavior. Data from the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD) notes several sexual disorders, including excessive sex drive and compulsive sexual behavior. However, there is a difference between being sexually active and a sexual disorder.

For example, if someone has a lot of intimate relationships without affecting their job or relationship, this behavior does not qualify as sexual dysfunction. Compulsive sexual behavior can be very dangerous if it has a detrimental effect on both oneself and others.

If not treated immediately, this problem will lead to impulse control disorders. The symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior, as reported on the Mayo Clinic website, include thinking about sex non-stop, engaging in risky sexual behavior, engaging in sexual behavior at work, not being interested in other hobbies except having sex, and being willing to spend money only. for the sake of satisfying his desires.

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In fact, in a study entitled Personality Disorder Comorbidity in Treatment-Seeking Men with Hypersexual Disorder published in the Journal of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity , it was found that more than 90 percent of people with sex addiction have other underlying mental health disorders. These include borderline personality disorder , depression, anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Therefore, if you feel any symptoms that lead to sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, don’t hesitate to take immediate action. You can directly ask the psychologist in the application , simply by downloading it on your cellphone. You can also use this application to make an appointment at the nearest hospital or buy medicine without having to go to a pharmacy.

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