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Red Ginger Can Increase Sexual Desire, This Is A Fact

, – Red ginger is one of the herbs that is known to have many benefits for the body. This herbal plant is also known to have a strong and stinging taste. You can use it as a concoction or spice in the kitchen to add warmth to dishes.

Red ginger is still in the same family as ginger, but it has different characteristics from other ginger. Red ginger or Zingiber officinale var. rubrum has reddish skin with a pink to yellow color, in contrast to regular ginger. Red ginger is also smaller in size than regular ginger. Not only that, it tastes different too. Red ginger has a more bitter and spicy taste than regular ginger.

The content in red ginger, such as gingerol, flavonoids, antibacterial agents, and anti-inflammatory agents have a positive impact on health. There are also those who say that the benefits of red ginger can also increase sexual arousal . Is that right?

Is it true that penis size affects male fertility?

Red Ginger to Increase Sexual Desire

The benefits of red ginger to improve men’s sexual quality have a point. The essential oil in red ginger has an aphrodisiac effect. This is a chemical that stimulates sexual power. It works by increasing and improving blood circulation in the body. If blood circulation increases, the blood flow in the penis area also increases.

In this way, the man can be durable for an erection. However, the aphrodisiac effect of red ginger essential oil is not greater than that of peg bumi. In addition, red ginger can increase male fertility because this herbal plant contains antioxidants and has androgenic activity. This makes red ginger able to increase the amount of the hormone testosterone so that male sexual desire also increases.

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In a study conducted on mice, it was shown that giving ginger extract in combination with the mineral zinc to male albino mice increased testosterone, sperm count, and sperm quality in mice. This condition improves testicular function in mice. Even so, further research seems still needed to strengthen these findings.

However, to get definite answers about how to increase sexual arousal, you can ask the doctor at . The doctor will be willing to provide all the health complaints that you experience. The method is quite easy, you only need to download the application on your smartphone , and use the chat feature to the doctor.

This is different from the benefits of red ginger and white ginger

Natural Ways to Increase Sexual Desire

Sexual arousal naturally varies between individuals. Having low sex drive can be a household problem. If someone wants to increase their sexual desire, there are natural ways that can be applied, namely:

  • Manage Stress Well. Having a high level of anxiety is what decreases sexual desire in both men and women. Anxiety and stress also make it more difficult for a person to get or maintain an erection, which in turn causes a person to stop having sex.

  • Get Quality Sleep . Getting a good night’s sleep improves a person’s overall mood and energy levels, and several studies have linked sleep quality to libido.

  • Do Routine Exercise. Exercising regularly helps libido in many ways. Regular exercise helps men deal with problems such as body image problems and low libido.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight. Some scientists have linked being overweight and obesity to a low sex drive, along with other factors that have been linked to reduced fertility. This is related to hormonal factors, such as low testosterone concentrations. So, make sure you maintain a healthy weight by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

That’s what you can know about the benefits of red ginger to increase sexual arousal and other ways to maintain sexual arousal.

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