Recommended sports according to body shape

, – Genetics play a huge factor in how the body responds to exercise. Those who are considered “very fit” will have a variety of body shapes and patterns of response to exercise to develop muscle, burn fat and improve fitness.

Doing the same type of exercise with other people doesn’t necessarily make you get into your dream body. To achieve your training goals, it is recommended that you do sports that suit your body type. So, what kind of exercise is recommended for body shape?

Know Your Body Shape

In the book, Better Body Workouts for Women , it explains that there are three body types and training recommendations associated with each to create an effective exercise program.

Body shape is generally divided into three categories, namely mesomorphs , ectomorphs , or endomorphs . Each of them has advantages and disadvantages in terms of health and fitness and by understanding them you can know which effective exercises are right for shaping your body.

1. Mesomorph

Physical characteristics for the mesomorph category include broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips, good muscles, low body fat, and a fairly fast metabolism. Mesomorph body type responds well to most types of training especially resistance and body building exercises so as to maintain a low body fat level.

The downside of mesomorphs is that they are overtrained, so people with this body type should include more frequent rest periods and a light exercise program. The following are recommended types of exercise for mesomorphs :

– Combine major and minor muscle group exercises as an exercise routine.

– Use supersets to maximize energy during training time.

– Increase regular and varied exercise.

– Yoga, pilates, and light circuit training with high reps are recommended for developing longer and leaner muscles.

– If trying to maximize muscle work, provide adequate rest duration between training and sets and between weight training sessions. This allows energy regeneration in the first stage and muscle adaptation in the second.

2. Ectomorph

The characteristics of the ectomorph body shape category are narrow shoulders and hips, long slender legs and arms, small bone structure, and very little body fat. The ectomorph body type is easy to lose weight and keep it off.

They respond well to cardiorespiratory training and are especially suitable for this type of training because of their light frame and low body weight. However, ectomorphs find it difficult to build muscle and shape their bodies, are prone to injury because of their fragile frames, and are at risk of unhealthily lowering their levels of unhealthy body fat.

Here are the sports recommendations for ectomorphs:

– Use splits, which involve only one or two parts of the body with resistance training per session. This type of exercise aims to train every part of the body intensely.

– Adequate rest between strength training exercises to allow muscle recovery and for optimal repair and adaptation (48 to 72 hours).

– Use heavy, basic strength movements that target deep muscle tissue.

– Do 5 to 10 repetitions and do 3 or 4 sets of each exercise.

– Keep cardiorespiratory exercise to a minimum (maximum three times a week) if the goal is to build and develop more muscle.

– Ensure a good intake of protein and carbohydrates.

3. Endomorph

The physical characteristics of the endomorph include wide hips and narrow shoulders that form a pear-like body. People with this body type have less muscle, an uneven distribution of fat (mostly accumulated in the upper arms, buttocks, and thighs), wide bone structure, and slower metabolism than other body types.

People in this body shape category gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose fat. The muscles also tend to be hidden by fat. Endomorph body types respond well to strength training.

If muscles are trained and developed, the rate of metabolism and fat burning can be increased effectively. The minus of the body shape of the endomorph is that it is easy to look big with too much weight training and it is also difficult to burn fat.

What types of exercise are suitable for an endomorph?

– Include cardiorespiratory exercise of moderate intensity and no impact such as cycling and brisk walking.

– Do a combination of exercises, don’t stick to just one type of exercise.

– Eat regularly and reduce starch and sugar-based carbohydrates.

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