Reasons Women Can Have Repetitive Orgasm

Orgasm is the peak of satisfaction during intercourse. Lots of interesting facts about this, one of which is repeated orgasms in women. Yes, women are able to have repeated orgasms, while men will need time to recover and reach a climax.

Orgasm will make several parts of the body of women and men experience swelling or hardening. But after some time, the swelling or hardening of some of these body parts will return to normal. When it reaches its peak, both women and men will feel more excited, happier, feel comfortable, as well as physical and psychological closeness with their partner.

For some women, repeated orgasms are still a puzzle. But in fact, about 15 percent of women have experienced multiple orgasms, or orgasms that occur in succession in one sexual session . So, what are the reasons women can experience repeated orgasms? Here’s the full review!

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This is the reason for repeated orgasms in women

Several nerves play an important role when female orgasm occurs. One of these nerves is called the nucleus accumbens , which is a region in the brain that is associated with pleasure through the release of transmitters known as endorphins.

During orgasm, all the nerves in the brain are stimulated simultaneously, and obscure the differences between each nerve function. Not only that, at the time of climax, the area located behind the eye that plays a role in behavior control will be deactivated. This is one of the factors why orgasm feels tiring.

Orgasm in women occurs when the uterus, vagina, and anus tighten at an interval of 0.8 seconds. When a small orgasm occurs, it will consist of 3-5 contractions, while the great orgasm will consist of 10-15 contractions. Women can feel repeated orgasms because the woman’s brain is constantly burning, so they can experience many climaxes at one time having sex.

In contrast to women, male brain regions become unresponsive to sensory stimulation to the penis after recovering from the first orgasm. This makes it take a man long enough to experience the next climax after the first orgasm.

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Only 25 Percent of Women Have Orgasm

Although women are able to experience repeated orgasms during intercourse, only about 25 percent of women can climax. Other women may not realize that they have reached a climax, or have never experienced it at all.

Unlike women, about 90 percent of men always reach their climax every time they have sex. As long as a man can get an erection , a few minutes of sexual stimulation that is received, will culminate in ejaculation. That is why, 90 percent of men always climax during sexual intercourse.

Women whose clitoris size is getting smaller, and the distance between the clitoris and vagina is far from which it will be difficult to reach climax. Orgasm difficulties do not come from internal factors alone, at climax some women do not feel calm or relaxed, because the pelvis feels heavy and painful during orgasm. This is also a factor in the difficulty of having an orgasm in women.

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When you experience repeated orgasms that have occurred for a long time, discuss with the doctor in the application for the right treatment steps, yes! Indirectly, orgasm disturbances will reduce the quality of your intimate relationship with your partner, which leads to a decrease in the quality of one’s life. So, don’t be underestimated.


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