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Reasons Women Are More Interested in Bad Boys

Bad boys , aka bad guys, tend to attract women more easily . About this one taste, each person will be different. Bad boy himself is basically not a guy who is really naughty. However, the label is obtained because almost everything that is in a bad boy is different from most men.

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The nickname bad boy is usually very attached to a man who has a bold personality, which means that he has the courage to invite acquaintances or date . Maybe these things are the main attraction in the eyes of women. Psychological research says that many women are more attracted to bad boys than good boys . Isn’t that strange?

Not only that, it turns out that there are many other factors that make women more attracted to bad boys . Here’s the explanation!

1. More Aggressive

All women are uncomfortable when their feelings or relationships are hung up and have no clarity. However, you will never feel that when dating a bad boy . They tend to be more aggressive, so there is no need for women to wait too long for clarity.

If examined further, this aggressive attitude is preferred by almost all women. Moreover, when women are facing their menstrual period, the body will release a number of hormones, including sexual hormones. This hormone is released naturally as a signal when menstruation will arrive. So, bad boys are the most sensitive to these signals. Interesting right?

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2. Feel More Protected

Women usually have traits that prefer to be loved, pampered, and protected. Because of these things, women are more attracted to bad boys who tend to be able to protect them. In a woman’s body, there is a hormone called prolactin . The higher the hormone levels in the body, the more emotional that occurs in women. Because of these hormones, women cry more and feel like they are loved and pampered.

To deal with this, again the bad boy is the most experienced in handling this matter. More than that, bad boys have the characteristic of not wanting to see their women cry. So he will do whatever it takes to be able to avoid that from happening, so that the bad boy can be called the protector of women.

3. Full of Adventure

Apart from having a cool appearance, bad boys are also synonymous with adventurous physical activities, such as exploring new tourist attractions. They always have their own way of enjoying every trip. As women, of course they will also explore new tourist attractions and try things that are really fun. This is of course done as a new step and way to enjoy dating.

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4. Eye Catching

Most bad boys have a charming and eye catching appearance . This makes women more attracted to bad boys . Whether with a leather jacket, or smooth hair with a pomade bandage , make women feel happy to be around him. They also tend to have a good sense of humor, which makes women feel comfortable talking to him for a long time.

So, you already know why bad boys are more seductive to women? Everyone’s taste is different, don’t force your choice on a bad boy , if you are more interested in a good boy. Bad boys are not verbally and physically rude guys, huh! You need to know the difference. However, if you are caught with a man like that, it never hurts to discuss with a psychologist to find out how best to deal with it.



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