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Reasons for Wife Not Familiar with In-Law, Here are 4 Reasons

– There are many unique things that happen during preparation, the day of the event, and life after the wedding . No matter how much effort is made to make household life all right, there are still disputes. One of them is the problem that arises from the relationship between the wife and the in-laws that are not too close.

Although not all married couples (couples) experience it, an unfamiliar relationship between wife and in-laws is a common marriage problem. But, why did this happen? Check out the explanation below, let’s!

Why is the wife’s relationship not familiar with the in-laws?

There are several reasons that make the relationship between wife and in-laws not close, including:

1. In-laws are afraid of losing their child’s attention

A communication expert revealed that a mother tends to be more worried about a son’s marriage than his daughter’s marriage. The reason is that many parents (especially mothers) worry that the boys who have been brought up with love since childhood will forget about them, not visit them after marriage, and change to become a different person after marriage. They are afraid that the child will no longer rely on them because there are other women in their lives.

2. Wife is afraid that her parents-in-law will meddle

Besides in-laws, a wife also has anxiety. A survey in the United States shows that most women have concerns about their in-laws. They worry that their in-laws will talk badly about themselves to their husbands or interfere too far in their domestic life.

3. There is competition between wife and in-laws

The tension between the wife and the in-laws is increasing due to competition. Because often times, both of them compete to be a better figure in taking care of and protecting the man. This is natural because an expert says that women are born with a strong competitive spirit.

4. The emergence of feeling awkward when meeting

Another reason some wives and in-laws don’t get along is because they are confused about how to behave with each other. This awkwardness created a misunderstanding and tension between the wife and the in-laws.

So, What Should Husbands Do?

As a man who is close to his mother, it is natural for a husband to have a natural instinct to protect and support a mother who has given birth and raised him. However, a husband also needs to protect and support the wife he has married. This condition often causes a dilemma for a husband. Should he defend his wife or mother?

As long as the conflict is mild, it is better if the wife and in-laws solve their own problems without the husband having to take a stand. However, if the conflict is large enough, the husband needs to participate in controlling the situation and mediate. A husband is required to view conflicts objectively to minimize misunderstandings that occur. If not, attempts to reconcile can go awry and lead to new domestic conflicts.

The thing to note is, if the cause of the conflict comes from the parents-in-law, it is the man’s duty to protect his wife. If the cause of the conflict comes from the wife, the husband needs to protect his mother while providing explanations and calming his wife. During the conflict resolution process, the husband needs to ensure that no domestic violence is involved.

Those are some reasons why the wife is not familiar with the in-laws. If a family member (either your wife or parents) is sick, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor . To talk to doctors, mothers can use the application . You can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere through the Contact Doctor feature via Chat, and Video / Voice Call. Come on, download the application on the App Store or Google Play right now!

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