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Reasons for Weight Change After Using Hormonal Contraceptives

– Have you ever heard of the myth that birth control injections or birth control pills can make you gain weight? As a result, many women are afraid of getting fat first without knowing the facts. To find out whether it is true or not, let’s look at the following explanation!

Types of Hormonal Contraception

The birth control pill and injectable birth control are just two of the many hormonal contraceptives. Apart from the two, there are hormonal IUDs (spiral birth control) and implants (birth control implants). Although both are hormonal, the IUD and the implant have a higher effectiveness and are able to protect for a longer time, which is up to 10 years

How Hormonal Contraceptives Work

In general, hormonal contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin. This hormone is an artificial hormone or synthetic steroid. There are also hormonal contraceptives that contain progestins only because the addition of estrogen into the body increases the risk of health problems. Breastfeeding mothers are also advised to use contraceptives that contain only progestins so as not to inhibit milk production. The way hormonal contraception works is as follows:

  • Prevents ovulation (the process of releasing a mature egg from the ovary) so that there is no fertilization process if sperm enter the uterus.
  • Prevent fertilization by changing the nature of the vaginal fluid so that it can prevent sperm from reaching the uterus and unable to meet the egg.

Effect On Weight

Every woman reacts differently to hormonal contraception. However, there is generally no effect between birth control pills and weight gain. Changes in body weight generally occur naturally with age and changes in environmental conditions. For example, shifting traditional foods to fast food that is high in fat, high in calories, and low in fiber is a form of changing environmental conditions.

For progestin injection contraceptive users, weight gain may occur. You gain about 1-2 kilograms per year while using injection contraception, but this gain can also be a normal weight as you get older.

Women who are overweight have the potential to gain more than 2 kilograms per year. Conversely, there are also women who lose weight or no change at all. If there are women who gain weight when using hormonal contraceptives, it is possible that this is due to internal and external factors.

Internal factors can be in the form of a family history of obesity, while external factors are the hormone content in contraceptives.

The use of hormonal contraceptives with high levels of estrogen can cause fat deposition in body tissues. Meanwhile, the hormone progesterone can stimulate the appetite control center in the hypothalamus which causes the acceptors to eat more than usual. Progesterone makes it easier to accumulate carbohydrates and sugar into fat. However, don’t worry, Asian women generally don’t gain weight while using injection contraceptives.

So that the weight does not continue to increase

From the explanation above, it turns out that changes in body weight can be caused by many things. It’s good, maintaining body weight to stay ideal by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods and meet daily needs, avoid foods high in sugar and high in fat, exercise regularly, and get adequate rest.

Increased appetite will not cause obesity if what we consume is healthy food, as long as the portions are not excessive. The accumulation of fat will not lead to weight gain as long as we are diligent in burning fat by exercising. By regulating what we consume wisely, the use of hormonal contraceptives will not have side effects on body weight.

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* This article was published on Skata on April 24, 2018