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Reasons for the Importance of Knowing a Woman's Fertile Period

, – The fertile period of a woman or ovulation is the process of releasing a mature egg. When released, it means that the egg is ready to be fertilized in the fallopian tube. In the fallopian tubes, a mature egg meets sperm from a partner.

Every woman is important to know the fertile period, the most reason is to know the chances of getting pregnant. However, apart from knowing the chances of getting pregnant, this is why it is important for women to know their fertile period.

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  1. Natural Contraception

Many contraceptive methods are not 100 percent accurate and some of them have a fairly high failure rate. Quoted from Fertility Within Reach, the failure rate for some contraceptive pills is 7 percent and for condoms 16 percent. Sometimes, some contraceptives can also mess with hormones, causing certain side effects.

Well, knowing a woman’s fertile period can be a natural contraceptive if a husband and wife want to postpone pregnancy without having to mess with hormones. When you and your partner already know your fertile period, you can delay pregnancy by reducing the frequency of having sex. Even so, this natural contraceptive has the opportunity to get pregnant every time a husband and wife have sex.

  1. Reproductive Problem Detection

Knowing the fertile period is important to recognize reproductive problems. By knowing the fertile period, early symptoms can be quickly identified before they become serious problems. Infertility is an example of reproductive problems experienced by married couples. Sexual intercourse during the fertile period that is done with high frequency, but does not lead to pregnancy can be a sign of infertility.

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Ovulation tracking also helps prevent ectopic pregnancies that women over 40 are prone to experiencing. Knowing the fertile period can detect ectopic pregnancies early on, so that sufferers quickly get treatment in the early stages of pregnancy. The doctor can identify pregnancy problems and remove an egg that grows half way down the fallopian tube. That is why it is important to know a woman’s fertile period.

  1. Understanding and Controlling the Body

Another benefit of tracking your fertile period is to better understand your body and how it functions. Knowing the condition of the body can help women avoid stress.

If you want to know more about a woman’s fertile period or reproductive problems, you can discuss it directly with your doctor . Through the application, you can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat , and Voice / Video Call .

How to Calculate a Woman’s Fertility

A woman’s fertile period can be determined by calculating the date after menstruation occurs. This is very important for couples who are planning a pregnancy. To calculate your fertile period with a calendar calculation, you have to find out your menstrual cycle for at least the last two months. After knowing this, you can start predicting when ovulation will come.

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Women generally ovulate around 12-16 days from the first day of menstruation. An example of the calculation, you have your period on May 8th, then the fertile period is likely to occur between May 20-24. Now, that’s the reason it’s important to know the fertile period, if anyone wants to ask, there’s nothing wrong with asking the doctor immediately.

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