Reasons for the Importance of Communication in Intimate Relationships

– The perpetuation of the household is not only based on love alone. Open communication is needed between each partner so that no secrets or problems that one person might face can be solved together. So, neither party feels that he is fighting for himself in maintaining his household.

However, it is often forgotten that open communication is not limited to that, but also during intimate relationships . Many couples think that sexual satisfaction can only be obtained by changing positions or styles in order to create orgasm. In fact, there is the most important thing for couples to feel satisfied, namely communication.

Reasons for the Importance of Communication in Intimate Relationships

Then, why is communication so important in maximum intimate relationships? In fact, the communication that occurs during intimate relationships can also make a husband and wife relationship more lasting. Unfortunately, there are still many couples who are not comfortable and don’t want to be open to communicating while making love.

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In fact, when you feel comfortable and say what you feel to your partner or how you want an intimate relationship to be done, you will feel the same when doing the relationship. So, satisfaction is not only obtained by one party, but both. This is what rarely happens, because most intercourse ends with women who do not have an orgasm.

Elizabeth Babin, a health communication expert from Cleveland State University, Ohio, United States said that the anxiety that usually arises when trying to initiate communication greatly affects partner satisfaction. The reason is, when you feel anxious, you will lack of concentration during intercourse, so you will not be satisfied, as well as your partner.

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Experts assume that communication during intimate relationships is important for every partner. Never feel uncomfortable, for example the woman wants her partner to use protection to avoid the problem of sexually transmitted infections.

Babin and fellow researchers then conducted a survey related to communication when having sex on a number of respondents who, on average, were 29 years old. The survey, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , has proven that the fear of communicating during intercourse greatly affects sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, this fear of opening communication was acknowledged by respondents because of self-esteem issues.

Even so, not all partners immediately have the ability to communicate when having sex. So, Babin suggests starting with non-verbal communication, such as showing pleasure responses when having sex.

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If you also have difficulty establishing communication with your partner when having sex, you can ask the experts for help directly. Don’t be afraid to tell stories, because now it’s not difficult to connect with an expert doctor. Just use the application, you can download it on your cellphone and choose the service that suits your needs. You can use the Ask a Doctor service if you want to ask a doctor when and where, or make an appointment with a doctor if you want to come face to face with a doctor at the nearest hospital.

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