Uroflowmetry examination

Reasons for Prostate Cancer Need Uroflowmetry Examination

, – The early symptoms of prostate cancer that hit men are related to the flow or emission when urine is excreted. If the urine is intermittent or difficult to pass so you need to push, then it’s time for you to be vigilant.

You need to know that prostate cancer is a cancer that accounts for tens of thousands of male deaths. For this reason, it is very important to carry out early detection, because most prostate cancers do not cause symptoms at an early stage. However, it doesn’t hurt for you to know some of the symptoms of prostate cancer so that you are more alert:

  • Weak urination.

  • Intermittent urination.

  • Not draining when urinating.

  • Feeling like urinating again after peeing.

  • The discharge of the remaining urine for a few seconds at the end of urination ( terminal dribbling ).

  • Urinary frequency that is not normal (too often).

  • Frequent waking at night due to frequent urination.

  • Difficulty holding urine

  • Pain when urinating.

  • Bloody urine / hematuria.

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Most of the early symptoms of prostate cancer are related to the flow or emission of urine, so urine flow can actually be used to detect prostate cancer early in a person. As an early detection, urine flow will be detected using uroflowmetry, which is an examination method to measure how much urine or urine is emitted.

If the flow of urine is weakened or interrupted, it is necessary to evaluate the cause of obstruction in the urinary tract (urinary tract obstruction). Then proceed with a physical examination, namely a rectal toucher to evaluate the presence of abnormalities in a person’s prostate.

However, in the initial examination of prostate cancer, uroflowmetry should be done. The tool on this examination is able to measure how much urine is emitted.

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You need to understand that uroflowmetry is a diagnostic test that is done to determine the amount and rate of urine flow in units of time. This examination is used to find out various abnormalities and detect problems in the urinary tract as well as urine function in general which is important to detect disease.

To determine the level of tightness of urine flow and detect a number of health conditions such as prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, this uroflowmetry examination is required. By doing this examination, various health symptoms can be predicted early, especially incontinence problems and other symptoms of the bladder. This indicates the occurrence of problems and symptoms of several diseases.

Inspection Process

The uroflowmetry examination begins with taking a urine sample. You will be asked to urinate in a toilet which is equipped with a measuring device called an electronic uroflowmeter. You don’t need to worry about this examination, because you only need to urinate normally, without trying to slow down or speed up the excretion of urine.

The paired device will help measure the amount of urine excreted, the rate at which the urine passes, the time it takes to completely expel the contents of the bladder, and the severity of bladder obstruction if a blockage is suspected.

After the results of the examination come out, it will be compared with a standard normal urine flow. These standards differ in men and women and depend on the age at which they are examined. In people who urinate normally, the urine will initially flow slowly, then slowly increase its speed, then slow down again. One of the signs that you have a prostate cancer problem is that the test results are below normal standards.

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