Reasons Babies Cannot Drink Honey

, – Honey is believed to contain many properties to increase body resistance to avoid disease. Therefore, it is not uncommon for mothers to give honey to their babies. Even some parents still believe in the myth that honey can make the lips turn red and is good for the health of babies. However, did you know that honey can actually be dangerous for babies who are not yet 1 year old?

Unlike adults, the baby’s digestive system is immature so that harmful bacteria can easily attack the digestive system. This is the reason babies should only consume breast milk until the age of 6 months. Except in certain cases, babies are allowed to consume additional formula milk.

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The Dangers of Honey for Babies

In some developed countries, there are already restrictions on honey consumption by babies under 12 months. The main reason is because honey contains clostridium bacteria which are harmful to babies. Clostridium bacteria will release toxins in the baby’s digestive tract and cause rare poisoning or botulism. These bacteria are easy to grow in dust, rivers, soil, and honey has the potential to be contaminated by these bacteria.

Clostridium bacteria in infants over 12 months to adulthood will not be dangerous. The reason is that micro-organisms in the gut can prevent their growth and remove spores before they do harm. It is different for babies under 12 months of age. Because it is not able to produce anti-bacteria naturally, so if the clostridium bacteria is ingested, it can develop in the intestine, causing botulism.

After growing in the intestines, the clostridium bacteria can produce toxins that attack the nervous system which can lead to muscle paralysis. Botulism can prevent a baby from breathing because it weakens the muscles that control breathing. In addition, the baby’s ability to move and eat is limited. In severe cases, botulism can be fatal.

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Symptoms of Baby Poisoning due to Honey

It is important for mothers to know the rare symptoms of poisoning or botulism in babies caused by honey. Generally, babies who experience botulism will show symptoms about 8 to 36 hours after consuming honey. Here are some common symptoms:

  • The baby’s body movements are reduced and the crying is weakened.

  • Difficulty swallowing and decreased appetite.

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Excessive salivation.

  • The baby’s suction power is weakened so that he lacks milk.

  • The facial expression of the baby is unusual, it looks flatter.

  • The muscles in the hands, feet, and neck are weakened so that they cannot hold them back.

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