Child Growth Diet and Nutrition

Proper Diet Avoid Teenagers from Health Problems

Of course all will go through a period known as adolescence. In fact, adolescence will be experienced when a person enters the age of 12 to 21 years. Of course, at this time parents still need to pay attention to their children so that their physical and mental health conditions are maintained properly. Various problems are often experienced by children when they pass adolescence, one of which is body shape and appearance which are directly related to weight problems.

This is Healthy Food for Youth Development

Weight gain and weight loss are sometimes quite important for children in adolescence. They do various ways to get body image according to their wishes, one of which is by doing a diet. There is nothing wrong with parents knowing some diets that are right for teenagers, so that they avoid various health problems that lurk during their growth and development.

The Right Diet For Teens

Entering adolescence, the body is still growing and developing, so that nutritional needs still need to be met properly. Physical growth in adolescents requires a variety of nutrients that are good for the body with a balanced and healthy diet. There are several nutrients that should be fulfilled by teenagers for the process of growth and development, such as vitamin D, calcium and iron.

Launching The National Health Service UK , for teenagers who pay enough attention to weight problems , both overweight and underweight, they should have a healthy diet by paying attention to diet and nutritional content consumed. It is better to avoid dieting by skipping breakfast or reducing the portion of meals so that it makes you feel hungry, this condition will not succeed in making your body weight normal, in fact you can experience several health problems during the growth and development process.

In fact, teenagers who limit their food intake will actually increase their weight because the body will automatically store reserves of food for energy when you do the wrong diet process. Launching from the University of Rochester Medical Center , there are several eating patterns that teenagers can take regarding their weight problems, such as:

Teens Also Need Nutrition, This is the Explanation

Those are some healthy diet ways that teenagers can do to overcome the weight problems they are experiencing. Don’t hesitate to ask nutritionists and doctors about the right diet for teens. Use the application to ask the doctor directly about the right diet for children to overcome the weight problem they are facing.

Health Problems That Can Be Experienced Due To The Wrong Diet

Of course, a variety of health problems can be experienced by teenagers due to wrong diet patterns. Launching the journal from Paediatrics Child Health , although diet can make positive changes for adolescents, parents also need to consider the possible negative effects that will be experienced by adolescents due to the wrong diet.

This is because most teenagers go on a diet without a healthy and unstructured pattern. This condition has negative consequences for teenagers. The wrong diet can cause teenagers to lack the nutrients needed for growth and development .

Not only that, for young women, dietary errors can cause menstrual delays or irregular menstrual periods. In addition, teenagers can experience long-term risks due to wrong diet, such as experiencing osteopenia and osteoporosis.

In addition to affecting physical health conditions, the wrong diet can also affect mental health conditions in adolescents. A diet that fails to do so can make teenagers often experience stress and depression. In fact, a failed diet process can make a teenager experience eating disorders, such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia.

Eating Disorders in Teens, Here Are Tips to Overcome It

For this reason, the role of parents is very important to accompany children during their growth and development, so that children can appear confidently in accordance with body image . Not only that, giving children healthy nutritious food intake can also prevent them from weight problems, so that children avoid doing the wrong diet process. Immediately accompany the child to visit the nearest hospital to find out the right diet for the child so that the weight problem they are experiencing can be overcome properly.