Fasting Sex

Prevent the discharge of semen during fasting

– Maintaining lust during fasting is imperative, including preventing the release of semen during fasting. In fact, the discharge of semen can invalidate fasting if it is done deliberately, by using your hands to come into contact with something else. If you come out accidentally and without lust, for example because of wet dreams or certain conditions, you can continue fasting. (The fact that smoking lowers sperm quality in men )

Tips for Preventing the Release of Mani during Fasting

Semen is a white, cloudy liquid produced by men during premature ejaculation. As long as this fluid does not come out due to cold or spermathozoa disease (sperm comes out continuously), you can make efforts to prevent semen from releasing during fasting. How to? ( 7 Things That Happen To The Body During Intimate Relationships )

1. Inhale Deeply

Without realizing it, negative emotions (such as anxiety, panic, or stress) can make sympathetic nerves hyperactive. This condition can trigger the brain to order Mr. P to quickly excrete semen so that brain tension is reduced. Because after the semen comes out, the body and brain can relax a little. Therefore, to prevent the discharge of semen due to stress, you can do a deep breathing technique. How to?

  • Go to a quiet place, then position your body as comfortable as possible (sitting or lying down).
  • Take a deep, slow breath through your nose.
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth or nose.
  • Do it repeatedly for a few minutes until you feel more relaxed.

2. Distract Negative Thoughts and Emotions

So that the mind is distracted, you can instill positive suggestions. For example, by thinking about happy moments, going outside the house, doing fun activities, to suggestions of thoughts such as “calm down … everything will be fine”. That way, your mind will be diverted from wanting to “pee” and release semen due to stress.

3. Pay attention to sleeping position

You can prevent the discharge of semen from wet dreams by paying attention to your sleeping position. Because, a study found that men who sleep on their stomachs and their hands stretched over their heads tend to experience wet dreams more often. This is because when you sleep on your stomach, Mr P will rub against the bed and trigger the discharge of semen. Therefore, to prevent the discharge of semen while sleeping, you can sleep facing to the right, left, or on your back.

4. Meditation Before Sleeping

Wet dreams can cause semen to be released during fasting. Therefore, you need to find a way to regulate what you will “dream” while sleeping. One way is to do meditation before going to sleep. This method is believed to stimulate a healthy mindset, so that you avoid the possibility of wet dreams. So, take a few minutes before you go to bed to clear your mind before going to sleep.

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