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Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Pre-Marital Checks

, – Couples who are planning a wedding are advised to include a pre-wedding check in the preparation list. pre-marriage checks should not be taken lightly, because there are many benefits that can be obtained from this test. One of the benefits of undergoing pre-marital checks is to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. How come?

Medical examinations or pre-marital checks that are conducted aim to determine the health condition of the reproductive organs, both men and women who are getting married. There are several things that can be known, from the history of the disease, the fertility level of the partner, to the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

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Benefits of Conducting Pre-Marital Checks

One of the main benefits of prenuptial checks is knowing the chances of pregnancy. This can be found through a fertility test , which is a test that is done to find out whether the male or female reproductive organs are sufficiently supportive to experience a natural pregnancy. This test can help prevent the risk of diseases in children who will be born later, such as thalassemia, diabetes mellitus, to diseases that are hereditary.

Couples who are getting married are also advised to do an examination related to the health of the reproductive organs. This type of pre-marital check is done to detect the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or certain diseases that can be transmitted to partners, including HIV / AIDS. Through this examination, you and your partner can anticipate disease transmission before later actively engaging in sexual intercourse.

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The way to determine the risk or history of sexually transmitted diseases is by examining using blood and urine samples. This type of examination is classified as important, because there are several types of sexually transmitted diseases that occur without causing symptoms. If left unchecked, this can lead to dangerous conditions, interfere with fertility, and spread to the spouse or child who will be born in the future.

There are several types of sexually transmitted diseases that can be detected through a blood check before marriage, including HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, herpes, gonorrhea, and HPV. It is possible for someone to experience a sexually transmitted disease without having specific symptoms. Therefore, it is important to detect the risk through examination. After knowing this, you and your partner can try to communicate and discuss with the doctor regarding efforts to prevent transmission of the disease.

After that, further action may be taken to increase the chances of you and your partner having offspring in the future. If it is still possible, the doctor may suggest several ways of treatment, therapy, to insemination of IVF. In fact, health checks, especially those related to reproductive problems, are very important to do.

You and your partner can support each other and help in overcoming any problems that may arise. In addition, pre-marriage checks can also help a person get to know their own body and reproductive organs. Therefore, don’t forget to make a schedule and choose the best doctor to do a health check before marriage.

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