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Premature Ejaculation Disturbed Husband and Wife's Intimate Relationship?

, – Premature ejaculation is a form of sexual dysfunction that can affect the quality of an intimate relationship between a man and his partner. A man is said to experience premature ejaculation when orgasm or “climax” occurs sooner than desired. This condition can disturb the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

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Premature ejaculation can cause embarrassment, anxiety, depression, and stress for men who experience it. For wives, failure to reach a climax gives a dissatisfaction that is not only related to biological problems, but also psychological and acceptance of husband and wife relationships .

Premature Ejaculation Disturbs Husband and Wife Relationships

Reporting from the Urology Care Foundation , ejaculation experienced by men has an impact on relationships with partners. Premature ejaculation sometimes causes a person to feel embarrassed and lose emotional connection with a partner.

Not only people with premature ejaculation, couples also feel the impact of premature ejaculation experienced by men. Feelings of lack of emotional connection or feelings of guilt can result from changes in sexual intimacy.

Seeing the complexity of a husband and wife relationship due to the problem of premature ejaculation makes medical treatment not the only solution, because counseling is needed. Reporting from Medical News Today, in some situations, the doctor may recommend counseling from a therapist who specializes in sexual intercourse or “couples therapy.”

It is better if a man experiences premature ejaculation, do not take drugs without a doctor’s recommendation. There are many drugs that are believed to be able to maintain an erection in fact have side effects on health, such as hypertension to heart attacks. In fact, applying special creams to Mr P can cause irritation because the drug is not safe from a health standpoint.

Discussing with a doctor is the right step to improve the quality of the intimate relationship between married couples. Actually, in some sexual conditions that are defined as premature ejaculation, it is only a situation that can occur when a husband is tired or a little stressed. When this underperformance lasts for a long time even in normal situations, it means that the husband is experiencing premature ejaculation.

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Here are tips that can be done to improve the quality of an intimate relationship between husband and wife, such as:

1. Relax

Many couples go straight to penetration, even though they are not fully ready for the execution. Enjoying the process, relaxing, and pampering your partner is one way to get a successful climax.

2. Discuss the Position

It is better for husband and wife to discuss comfortable sexual positions for each other. Sometimes for men, when the wife’s position is on top it makes it climax faster. Husbands can spoil their wives by being in a lower position or vice versa. Then, in the next session the husband can ask his wife to be in the position he likes.

3. Another Way of Climax

Actually, penetration is not the only way to get a climax. There are still other ways such as fingering and oral sex. When the husband has reached the climax, it is better if the husband helps his wife to get the climax.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Obese men, and even diabetes mellitus, tend to experience premature ejaculation. Therefore, it is better if this happens, the couple should adopt a healthy lifestyle by reducing the consumption of sweet and fatty foods.

Eating nuts, fruit, and eating less red meat can actually improve the quality of intimate relationships and stamina.

5. Active Sports

Doing active sports can improve blood circulation throughout the body, including to vital areas. Smooth blood flow to vital areas can help maintain an erection and stamina during intercourse.

Some of the recommended sports are running, swimming, yoga, and other forms of martial arts sports. Reporting from Web MD , there are methods you can try at home to treat premature ejaculation conditions, such as:

  • Start and Stop Method

This method is used when men increase ejaculation control. When a man will feel an orgasm, you should stop stimulating the stimulation. Stimulation of stimulation can be done again when the sensation of orgasm has stopped.

  • Squeeze Method

This method is almost similar to start and stop , only this method is done by the partner by pressing the tip of the penis when the man feels the sensation of orgasm. Communication in this way with a partner so that it can go well. Avoid pressing the tip of the penis too tightly to avoid irritation or injury.

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Want to know more about premature ejaculation and how to improve the quality of an intimate relationship between married couples? Ask directly to the doctor through the application . Doctors who are experts in their fields will try to provide the best solution for you. To do this, simply download the application via Google Play or the App Store.


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