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Pain or Psychology, Men Experience Premature Ejaculation

– Men must feel excessive anxiety if they experience premature ejaculation . No wonder, because this condition is common in men, especially those who have gone through puberty. In normal conditions, men experience ejaculation or secrete semen after being given the first penetration or after penetration during sexual intercourse.

However, the long period of ejaculation in each man is different. This difference can occur in the same man in the period of giving different stimulation. However, a diagnosis of impotence is made when a man ejaculates 1 to 2 minutes after penetration.

Then, is it true that premature ejaculation in men occurs because of disease? Or could this happen because of the man’s psychological condition?

Premature Ejaculation in Men, Pain or Psychological Problems?

Premature ejaculation can occur for many reasons. In fact, this condition can occur due to a disease, it can also be a result of the man’s psychological condition. However, most men prefer to keep this health problem secret and use boosting drugs . In fact, this is risky and can lead to serious complications.

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Actually, what causes a man to experience premature ejaculation? You need to know that medical conditions are not the sole cause of premature ejaculation in men. Several reasons put forward to the age factor, aka aging.

Not only that, hypersensitivity also plays a role in the occurrence of ejaculation. A man who has high sensitivity can trigger impotence.

In fact, some of these conditions can cause impotence in men who were previously said to be healthy or have a normal ejaculation period, or what is often referred to as sexual dysfunction. In the end, this can last a lifetime if not treated immediately.

Some other things that contribute to impotence are hypertension, prostate disorders, heart disease, inflammation of the urethra, use of alcohol or drugs, abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, and side effects caused by certain types of drugs consumed.

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Indeed, it is not easy to determine the main cause of premature ejaculation in men. There is always more than one possibility why this medical disorder may occur, both medical and psychological, or the cause is a combination of the two factors.

Can Pregnancy Happen?

The problem of impotence is very sensitive for couples, especially those who want to plan a pregnancy. However, you need to know that premature ejaculation is never the main cause associated with fertility problems.

This is because the timing of ejaculation is never again important as long as the penetration is sufficient, because male semen contains up to 200 million active sperm cells.

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So, don’t worry when you indicate symptoms of premature ejaculation. There is no need to be ashamed to ask a doctor, because you can use the application to be able to ask a doctor. You simply download the application on your cellphone and select the Ask a Doctor service. Anytime, the doctor is ready to help you. good luck!