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Often used to cook, what are the benefits of turmeric for health?

, – Indonesian culinary is known to be rich in spices and seasonings that make it taste better. It is not surprising that some authentic Indonesian culinary delights are always on the list of the tastiest foods in the world. One of the spices that make Indonesian food more delicious and which is used quite often in cooking is turmeric . It is not only used in cooking, the benefits of turmeric and its many uses, such as for the element of holistic medicine, offerings in religious ceremonies, and coloring in cosmetics.

The benefits of turmeric do not need to be doubted, this spice with the scientific name Curcuma longa is known to have great benefits not only for the body but also for the brain. Well, here are some of the benefits of turmeric that you need to know:

Contains Active Ingredients that Are Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

Turmeric is a spice that gives curries or other foods a yellow color. This spice has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. As stated by Healthline , recent research has proven that the medicinal benefits of turmeric cannot be doubted. In turmeric there are compounds called curcuminoids, and the most important is curcumin.

This active ingredient has strong anti-inflammatory effects and is a very powerful antioxidant. However, the curcumin content of turmeric is not that high which is only about 3 percent by weight. To get this effect, you need to take it in supplement form. Curcumin is fat-soluble, so it is better to consume it with fatty foods.

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Reduces Cancer Risk

Antioxidants are the main ingredients to fight cancer . More than 100 types of cancer that threaten humans, the American Cancer Society estimates one in every four deaths can be attributed to this disease. Pharmaceutical companies promote chemotherapy products that are sourced from natural ingredients such as turmeric.

One of the benefits of turmeric in fighting cancer includes fighting chronic inflammation and helping the body fight the spread of cancer cells. These powerful antioxidants support the body’s natural immunity and prevent cancer development. As reported in Clinical Cancer Research , with the addition of one tablespoon of turmeric per day, you can naturally and effectively help protect the body from cancer.

Increase Immunity

The immune system is the thing responsible for protecting the body from disease progression. But few people realize that a large part of the immune system is directly related to the digestive system. Turmeric is able to rid the body of waste and helps the absorption of essential nutrients from all foods. Thanks to this, the digestive system becomes healthier so that the immune system functions better. Regular consumption of turmeric can help keep the body free of bacteria, viruses, and microbes, as well as harmful oxidative damage from free radicals.

Balancing Hormone Levels

Hormones are important in every process that occurs in the brain and body. In order for the body’s functions to run in balance, these hormones are needed to support various life functions. Digestion, muscle contraction, nervous system function, sleep quality, and mood can all be linked to specific hormone interactions, and that is why hormonal balance is so important.

Lifestyle and dietary factors play a major role in maintaining hormone production and balance, but there are times when genetics and mutations cause hormonal imbalances. The benefits of turmeric further help restore hormonal balance. Turmeric is able to supply a large amount of nutritional support for the body’s hormonal production processes. It is also capable of enhancing immunity by supplying phytonutrients to prevent disease, and mutations that inhibit hormonal production, cleanse the blood of toxins, and regulate and support the health of all organs involved in hormone production.

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