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Not Sex Before Match, These Are The Rules That England Coaches Implement In The 2018 World Cup

– In the world of football, many coaches prohibit players from having sex before a match, aka having sex before a match. Especially if the match that is being carried out is the Big Match party . For example, England manager Roy Hodgson made a tough rule in 2016, “There is no sex before the game!”. Then, is it true that sex before match can reduce a player’s performance while competing?

You can’t have a Drama Queen

Now the English players and their partners can breathe freely. After Roy Hodgson was replaced with new manager Gareth Southgate, the sex before match rule no longer applies. However, there are new rules that Gareth has made for his students, namely that there is no drama in their relationship with their partner.

The reason is, the presence of several wives and girlfriends who accompany their lover to compete in Russia, could disturb their concentration, especially if they previously had problems. According to a relationship expert from the UK, romance can cause big problems for their performance on the pitch. In short, these love fights can drain a player’s energy, both physically and psychologically.

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However, if the player has a good and solid relationship with his partner, that is actually a bonus and can increase their enthusiasm when competing on the green field. Therefore, the expert suggested that the manager give permission to the wearer to spend time with their partner, although it must be limited.

Then, what about the sex before match rules that are often accused of making players sluggish in the field?

Does it really reduce athlete performance?

Actually this rule has been implemented by several other teams since the 2014 World Cup , Brazil. The coaches believe that this sex before match can reduce the athlete’s performance when competing. For example, the coach of the Bosnia-Herzegovina national team , Safet Suci, firmly said “There is no sex in Brazil”. In addition, there is also a coach from the Mexican national team who does not allow his players to have sex before playing. However, is it true that sex can reduce athlete’s performance when competing?

Launching Time, said sports medicine experts, this is often discussed, but has not been proven true. According to the expert, unsatisfied sex can make athletes’ performance decrease or increase. The reason is, there are many factors that can explain how an athlete performs while on the field.

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For example, according to the former manager of the giant baseball club , the New York Yankees , it’s not sex that ruins their performance, it’s staying up all night.

Well, the link between sex and athlete performance was studied by experts in the mid-90s. At that time the experts looked at the effects of sex on aerobic strength and oxygen pulse (volume of oxygen consumed by the body per heart rate) in 11 men who ran on a treadmill.

The men were tested twice. First after 12 hours after having sex, and secondly without having intercourse. The result? Notwithstanding that it was a study with a small sample size and limited testing, it showed that the results of the two experiments were not different.

Eliminate Anxiety?

Launching Time, in addition to the above studies, there are also reviews of 31 studies on sex and athlete fitness published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine . In that study, experts found that there is no strong evidence that sex before match can affect athletes’ performance while competing.

Experts say sexual fatigue can’t be a big factor, as most sexual intercourse only burns 25-50 calories – the equivalent of climbing two flights of stairs.

This is how football players prepare mentally before competing

If there is no strong link between sex before match and athlete’s performance, how is it related to the athlete’s psychological condition?

Experts say some athletes may find intercourse can help them reduce anxiety. However, to date there have been no studies examining the psychological effects of pre-match sex on the psychological condition of athletes.

Even so, in the world of sports every athlete has their own “theory”. Even if the “theory” is not proven medically, they still believe it. In short, experts have no scientific evidence that intercourse can provide psychological benefits. However, says the expert, if athletes think that not having sex before competing can benefit them, then they will likely have a psychological advantage.

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