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Not Physical, 3 Signs If Your Partner Is Cheating Feelings

When you hear about an affair, automatically immediately think about physical contact to intimate relationships. But, along with the times and technology, cheating is not only related to physical contact, but also cheating with feelings.

Especially with the rise of social media applications, including dating applications that make it easy for you to communicate intensely with anyone. This communication is the initial stage of why having an affair with feelings becomes easier to do.

According to Nicolle Zapien, PhD, from the California Institute of Integral Studies, said the times have made it easier for opportunities to execute cheating. Also, infidelity is not limited to something sexual and erotic in nature. In fact, cheating does not require touching, intimate relationships, or sex.

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The notion of erotic and sexuality actually has a broad meaning, sometimes even the relationship “more” than friends, actually has entered into an emotional affair. Therefore, recognize the signs so that you avoid unhealthy relationships.

Why is it not healthy? Healthy or unhealthy a relationship is not limited to whether a loyal partner has intimate relationships only with his legal partner. When the heart has “played” with others, this can actually trigger a rift in the relationship and make the couple become out of harmony again.

Cheating Feelings

Having an emotional affair means that you direct the emotional and sexual energy that is usually given to your partner into other people. This is said by Samantha Rodman, PhD, a psychologist in North Bethesda, MD. You may wish to talk to other people more than your partner and tell the new person the funny little things that come up or find yourself complaining about a relationship with someone who is not your official partner.

In essence, when you have a pleasant experience communicating, sharing stories, or other desires for person to partner, it already shows that you are on the road to an affair.

Thinking that your partner is having an affair, read the signs here.

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  1. Constantly Talking About Other People

Does your partner have fun telling stories about coworkers or friends who they really admire? This could be a form of adultery. Especially if the partner tells a story with a happy face, something you have never seen before. In fact, when you are spending sweet time together.

  1. Your Relationship Becomes Bland

Try to observe your activities while in the same room. Is it more filled with chatting or even busy with individual activities? Maybe the couple is busy with their gadgets , while you are busy reading. Feeling that you have been enjoying yourselves more lately is a sign that there are other people who cheer you up each day.

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  1. You Feel the Lie

Indeed, as a partner there must be a sensitive feeling where you feel that your partner is no longer the same as before. Then, the partner tends to lie and tell the lie as a forgetfulness in remembering something. This could be a sign that he is having an affair.